Emma at 1 year 8 months

UPDATES (just so I will never forget all the cute, significant things)

Besides the sign and body language (and crying to get her message across), Emma can now communicate with these words:

  • There (first word, I believe)
  • Mami (mummy)
  • Didi (daddy)
  • Puhpuh (popo a.k.a. paternal grandma)
  • Nini (granny a.k.a. maternal grandma)
  • Yeee (my sister)
  • Aunty (my sister in law)
  • Pish (please)
  • Mamam (eat)
  • Eat!
  • Ball
  • Baybi (baby)
  • Up!
  • Nai! (good night)
  • Dakdak (dark)
  • Bai (bye)
  • Beat
  • Out (in a sort of Canadian accent, hahaha)
  • Oh-oh^
  • Adoi!^
  • A-bish (rubbish)
  • MORE! (accompanied by the baby sign language)
  • No more (accompanied by the universal hand gesture – palms open, turn left and right, sort of like changing a table lamp bulb)
  • NO! or nono
  • Nana (banana)
  • Bok (book)
  • Yesh (yes)
  • Awel (towel)
  • Bek (bag)
  • Xia yue (raining in Mandarin)
  • Bed
  • Bear
  • Bir (beer)
  • Ank (Punk)
  • Aight (light)

I suddenly remember that she use to say “yayan” (lion) and “wawer” (flower) but I don’t hear those anymore. Wonder why.

^ I love that she uses these expressions in the right context.


As toddlers go, Emma has the “terrible twos” tantrums down pat. When we say no, or take away something from her, she would immediately scream, wail, throw herself on to the floor, throw things, bite whoever is nearby and hit out. Sometimes we don’t even know why she is throwing a tantrum. I read that there’ll be more (and worse) to come. Aaah joy :p


She’s now very into wiping and sweeping. She’ll take out wet wipes or her hanky to wipe her mouth, face, hands, the floor, table (sometimes not in that order), chair, toys, … you get the gist. The other night, when I was laying on the floor massaging my back with a tennis ball, she noticed a minor cut on my shin. She exclaimed “oh-oh” and proceeded to get a wet wipe to “clean” what she perceives as dirt.



Last week, she pointed at a picture of Jesus hanging on my MIL’s house and put a finger to her forehead. At first I didn’t understand what she was doing then it dawned on me – she was making the Sign of the Cross! My mum thought her that. She does the whole thing (except for “holy spirit” on both shoulders) but it is ok. MAMI IS VERY PROUD


Sometimes, when she is in a very good mood, she’d start a round of kissing. Kiss me on the lips, the daddy, then me again and it goes on and on till we get about 5-8 kisses each. <3<3<3


I’m not sure what brought the sudden change but I’ve been feeling more confident of bringing her out on my own. Maybe it’s cos she can walk now and I don’t have to carry her. Maybe it’s because I don’t have to bring a gajillion things with me when we go out (she’s now down to 3 bottles of 6oz milk). Whatever it is, I love it. We’ve been to the playground several times. And yesterday, while at Citta Mall for friends’ baby’s fullmoon party, I took her to the bookstore. I’m glad she enjoyed it because I love bookstores, though I don’t go to one as much anymore. Can’t wait to get more books for her at the Big Bad Wolf sale in December.


Pete was taking a nap yesterday, and Emma went looking for him. She saw he was sleeping and indicated it to us, and then started to close the room door. How sweet is that? AWWWW


Also sweet is how she would be looking for her Mami and Didi whenever she doesn’t see one of us. Of course, she is more clingy with her favouritest man in the world, but I know she lups me too.


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