Our little girl is turning TWO

Emma is growing so so SO FAST, that I have trouble keeping up with all the things she’s learned/said/done.

Just the other day, she was playing with my phone and then suddenly threw it down to the floor. When I scolded her, she turned around and slapped me while saying “naughty”. I was surprised yet amused (but of course I didnt show it). I told Pete (and he almost LOLed) and we both firmly but gently scolded her. Then she sayang/patted my face. Ngawwww *heart melts* #suchasucker

Evidently, she has my temper. Ho ho, what fun it’s gonna be when she gets older *sweat*

Also, in the past month or so, she’s started to babble and sing a lot. ALL THE TIME. hahaha. It is so cute but sometimes can get annoying when you’re trying to sleep or have a conversation with someone else. When she wants our attention, she’ll say “b”, sometimes while patting our faces, arms or legs. Then repeat it till we respond. This girl is gonna grow up to be such a chatterbox, which is good. I dont want her to be timid like me when I was younger.

TBC when I have the time …


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