14 & a half months

*Took me a few days to write this. Recounting significant milestones/achievements from the past month or so. I hope I remember all*

I’m constantly amazed at our baby. How fast she learns things. How she could understand what we’re saying. How quickly she’s growing. And how she constantly makes us laugh.

Like the other day, when she was horsing around with my phone. She’s constantly putting our phones to her ear and pretending to make a call. So after she did that, she started pressing and looking at the screen. I told her that to make a phone call, she needs to press the buttons. Immediately after I said “button”, she looked down at her own belly button. (Back story: I just taught her about her belly button after I noticed she was staring at mine while I was changing). She’s also started doing this when I say “bum bum” (I don’t know why. Maybe she thought I meant “tum tum”? hahaha).

I’ve also discovered she can be very good at fetching or putting away things for mummy and daddy. She’s always digging around her laundry bag and putting clothes back. Or putting her sippy cup on the table after drinking. Or putting back something after she’s told to. And she will clap her hands every time, seemingly pleased with herself.

Another thing she learned is the word “ouch-ie”. I’m not sure how it began but whenever she hit her head on something or hurt herself, I’ll tell her “ouch-ie” so she’ll associate the word with pain. Mana tau, she thinks it’s funny and kept knocking on the wall or my leg with head after I say that word. It’s cute and funny but I guess it may not be a very good thing kan. hehe

She’s also learned how to turn on the screen on the iPad by pressing on the menu button. Good thing she doesn’t know how to unlock it yet though Pete showed her a few times that day. She tried many many times to slide the lock but to no avail. haha

Besides “belly button” and “ouch-ie”, she recognises other words, which amazes me because it seemed out of the blue. I mean, we’ve always tried to speak to her normally and not in baby language. Then one day, she just seemed to understand most of everything we say. For instance, when she heard me saying the word “slide”, she pointed up at the light because “slide” sounds like “light” right. hahaha. She also understands the words “daddy”, “mummy”, “po po”, “granny”, “yee yee”, “Punk”, “dog”, “cat”, “milk”, “water”, “mam mam/food”, “close your eyes”, “teeth”, “tongue”, “nose” and numerous others we use daily. And she can respond most of the time by nodding or shaking her head, or pointing and looking at the said person/thing.

She’s learned that pushing and climbing up on to a little chair can give her access to more things to rummage in. And she’s started to climb up on to her bed railing. It’s only a matter of time before she tries to over and down. Seriously considering getting her a big girl bed mattress when we move to a new place.

Oh oh, she also has a favourite song now. No, it’s not one of the many nursery rhymes or Sound of Music songs I sing to her all the time. It is … the theme song to The Big Bang Theory.

I know, I’m her mother that’s why I’m biased, and so easily impressed and proud of her. Can’t help it. She is just scho darn cuttttteeeeeeee. And smart XD


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