Our little girl is turning TWO

Emma is growing so so SO FAST, that I have trouble keeping up with all the things she’s learned/said/done.

Just the other day, she was playing with my phone and then suddenly threw it down to the floor. When I scolded her, she turned around and slapped me while saying “naughty”. I was surprised yet amused (but of course I didnt show it). I told Pete (and he almost LOLed) and we both firmly but gently scolded her. Then she sayang/patted my face. Ngawwww *heart melts* #suchasucker

Evidently, she has my temper. Ho ho, what fun it’s gonna be when she gets older *sweat*

Also, in the past month or so, she’s started to babble and sing a lot. ALL THE TIME. hahaha. It is so cute but sometimes can get annoying when you’re trying to sleep or have a conversation with someone else. When she wants our attention, she’ll say “b”, sometimes while patting our faces, arms or legs. Then repeat it till we respond. This girl is gonna grow up to be such a chatterbox, which is good. I dont want her to be timid like me when I was younger.

TBC when I have the time …


Emma at 21 months

I just realised our baby girl turned 21 months yesterday. I usually remember but I guess the weekend was too busy fun and that’s ok. 

*Lame stories that I want to preserve ahead*

On the day she turned another month older, I found out that she knows how to wipe herself. I was changing her diaper while she was standing, and as she usually does when she sees a pack of wet wipes, she takes out one for herself. And proceeded to wipe her private parts, front and back. My sis- and bro-in-law were amazed. I am too but not surprised because I know Pete taught her that. And I am very proud of the both of them. 



We watched Gravity for our date night when we went back to Seremban last weekend. It was good and short. And very emotionally-draining on me. Why? Because I cried and felt like a knife was stabbing me in the heart during certain parts. (Can’t spoil it but it has got to do with the fact that I am a mother)

Emma at 1 year 8 months

UPDATES (just so I will never forget all the cute, significant things)

Besides the sign and body language (and crying to get her message across), Emma can now communicate with these words:

  • There (first word, I believe)
  • Mami (mummy)
  • Didi (daddy)
  • Puhpuh (popo a.k.a. paternal grandma)
  • Nini (granny a.k.a. maternal grandma)
  • Yeee (my sister)
  • Aunty (my sister in law)
  • Pish (please)
  • Mamam (eat)
  • Eat!
  • Ball
  • Baybi (baby)
  • Up!
  • Nai! (good night)
  • Dakdak (dark)
  • Bai (bye)
  • Beat
  • Out (in a sort of Canadian accent, hahaha)
  • Oh-oh^
  • Adoi!^
  • A-bish (rubbish)
  • MORE! (accompanied by the baby sign language)
  • No more (accompanied by the universal hand gesture – palms open, turn left and right, sort of like changing a table lamp bulb)
  • NO! or nono
  • Nana (banana)
  • Bok (book)
  • Yesh (yes)
  • Awel (towel)
  • Bek (bag)
  • Xia yue (raining in Mandarin)
  • Bed
  • Bear
  • Bir (beer)
  • Ank (Punk)
  • Aight (light)

I suddenly remember that she use to say “yayan” (lion) and “wawer” (flower) but I don’t hear those anymore. Wonder why.

^ I love that she uses these expressions in the right context.


As toddlers go, Emma has the “terrible twos” tantrums down pat. When we say no, or take away something from her, she would immediately scream, wail, throw herself on to the floor, throw things, bite whoever is nearby and hit out. Sometimes we don’t even know why she is throwing a tantrum. I read that there’ll be more (and worse) to come. Aaah joy :p


She’s now very into wiping and sweeping. She’ll take out wet wipes or her hanky to wipe her mouth, face, hands, the floor, table (sometimes not in that order), chair, toys, … you get the gist. The other night, when I was laying on the floor massaging my back with a tennis ball, she noticed a minor cut on my shin. She exclaimed “oh-oh” and proceeded to get a wet wipe to “clean” what she perceives as dirt.



Last week, she pointed at a picture of Jesus hanging on my MIL’s house and put a finger to her forehead. At first I didn’t understand what she was doing then it dawned on me – she was making the Sign of the Cross! My mum thought her that. She does the whole thing (except for “holy spirit” on both shoulders) but it is ok. MAMI IS VERY PROUD


Sometimes, when she is in a very good mood, she’d start a round of kissing. Kiss me on the lips, the daddy, then me again and it goes on and on till we get about 5-8 kisses each. <3<3<3


I’m not sure what brought the sudden change but I’ve been feeling more confident of bringing her out on my own. Maybe it’s cos she can walk now and I don’t have to carry her. Maybe it’s because I don’t have to bring a gajillion things with me when we go out (she’s now down to 3 bottles of 6oz milk). Whatever it is, I love it. We’ve been to the playground several times. And yesterday, while at Citta Mall for friends’ baby’s fullmoon party, I took her to the bookstore. I’m glad she enjoyed it because I love bookstores, though I don’t go to one as much anymore. Can’t wait to get more books for her at the Big Bad Wolf sale in December.


Pete was taking a nap yesterday, and Emma went looking for him. She saw he was sleeping and indicated it to us, and then started to close the room door. How sweet is that? AWWWW


Also sweet is how she would be looking for her Mami and Didi whenever she doesn’t see one of us. Of course, she is more clingy with her favouritest man in the world, but I know she lups me too.

14 & a half months

*Took me a few days to write this. Recounting significant milestones/achievements from the past month or so. I hope I remember all*

I’m constantly amazed at our baby. How fast she learns things. How she could understand what we’re saying. How quickly she’s growing. And how she constantly makes us laugh.

Like the other day, when she was horsing around with my phone. She’s constantly putting our phones to her ear and pretending to make a call. So after she did that, she started pressing and looking at the screen. I told her that to make a phone call, she needs to press the buttons. Immediately after I said “button”, she looked down at her own belly button. (Back story: I just taught her about her belly button after I noticed she was staring at mine while I was changing). She’s also started doing this when I say “bum bum” (I don’t know why. Maybe she thought I meant “tum tum”? hahaha).

I’ve also discovered she can be very good at fetching or putting away things for mummy and daddy. She’s always digging around her laundry bag and putting clothes back. Or putting her sippy cup on the table after drinking. Or putting back something after she’s told to. And she will clap her hands every time, seemingly pleased with herself.

Another thing she learned is the word “ouch-ie”. I’m not sure how it began but whenever she hit her head on something or hurt herself, I’ll tell her “ouch-ie” so she’ll associate the word with pain. Mana tau, she thinks it’s funny and kept knocking on the wall or my leg with head after I say that word. It’s cute and funny but I guess it may not be a very good thing kan. hehe

She’s also learned how to turn on the screen on the iPad by pressing on the menu button. Good thing she doesn’t know how to unlock it yet though Pete showed her a few times that day. She tried many many times to slide the lock but to no avail. haha

Besides “belly button” and “ouch-ie”, she recognises other words, which amazes me because it seemed out of the blue. I mean, we’ve always tried to speak to her normally and not in baby language. Then one day, she just seemed to understand most of everything we say. For instance, when she heard me saying the word “slide”, she pointed up at the light because “slide” sounds like “light” right. hahaha. She also understands the words “daddy”, “mummy”, “po po”, “granny”, “yee yee”, “Punk”, “dog”, “cat”, “milk”, “water”, “mam mam/food”, “close your eyes”, “teeth”, “tongue”, “nose” and numerous others we use daily. And she can respond most of the time by nodding or shaking her head, or pointing and looking at the said person/thing.

She’s learned that pushing and climbing up on to a little chair can give her access to more things to rummage in. And she’s started to climb up on to her bed railing. It’s only a matter of time before she tries to over and down. Seriously considering getting her a big girl bed mattress when we move to a new place.

Oh oh, she also has a favourite song now. No, it’s not one of the many nursery rhymes or Sound of Music songs I sing to her all the time. It is … the theme song to The Big Bang Theory.

I know, I’m her mother that’s why I’m biased, and so easily impressed and proud of her. Can’t help it. She is just scho darn cuttttteeeeeeee. And smart XD

Before I forget

This is rather random stuff that I’m putting here for posterity sake.

Besides walking all over the place like the champ she is, Emma has started climbing up everywhere (like a chimp, really. hahaha)

She climbs up and down the sofas. Since our bed is a little too high, she uses a little chair next to the bed and climbs up. She’s even started climbing up our grill door, clinging to it. And crying because she’s stuck and too afraid to get back down even though she’s just 3 inches from the floor. Haha

She’d taste stuff like the floor, the dog’s nose, the dog’s fur and then say “mam”. Just the other day, she leaned in to kiss me (a very rare occurrence!) and said “mam”. I shall pretend she meant Mum 😀 Maybe she did.

She likes “petting” or rather smacking the dog, which is her way of sayang him. She thinks it’s funny to slap our faces or bodies. We’re trying to not give any reaction to this lest she thinks it’s acceptable.

And she’s started clapping her hands! All of a sudden, she decided to do it after months of me trying to teach her. She’d have this look of glee and put both hands together. Sometimes in cue to “If you’re happy and you know it …” song. That in itself is priceless.

We survived the first year!

Ok, it’s not that bad really. (I hope I don’t jinx this) We’re very blessed that Emma is easy for the most part. She does throw her tantrums and screams but it’s usually only for a few seconds. My mum in law would always call her naughty (in her old school ways. It pains me to think of the potential psychological impact but I can’t stop her) when she refuses to eat or fusses but to us, she is just being a child; a growing baby who is learning to express herself.

After a year of motherhood, I’ve learned these:

  • She’s becoming more independent, sometimes insisting on feeding herself by grabbing the spoon. I tried that and it ended up being very messy and very little food got into her stomach. After a discussion with Pete, I realise I may have been too anal about feeding her in her high chair. So I’m slowly learning to let go. If she doesn’t want to eat while sitting, we can feed her whichever way is appropriate as long as she’s eating. I just hope this doesn’t end up biting us in the ass and we become one of those parents who have to chase the kid around with a spoon.
  • On a similar note, I learned that you can change patterns and train habits as long as you work on it (or so I hope).
  • You may have started out being very adamant about doing something (for me it was breastfeeding and homecooked meals all the way for Emma) but sometimes, situations change. I learned that parenting is one of the most challenging, rewarding, mystifying and ever-changing jobs. Just when I thought I had something figured out, Emma would throw a curveball and I’ll be back at square one. So again, I’m learning to let go and not be stubborn, and just go with the flow.
  • I’ve been cooking a lot more ever since Emma started on solids. I’ve made chocolate fudge, cheesecake, mac & cheese, tomato based pasta, chicken stock, omelette – obviously easy recipes but hey, I’m still learning :p And you know what, I think pasta has got to be one of the easiest meals to make. Can’t believe I made a nice tomato based sauce with fresh tomatoes (because I couldn’t find canned tomatoes. Oh well, they’re full of salt anyway).
  • I may be a writer and have a degree in mass comm but I’m not good at communicating on a personal level. And so, after many many arguments and fights, I’m slowly trying to talk more and fuss/complain/fume inside/lose temper less. Because Emma needs to see that her parents are together and loving and stable.
  • Don’t worry too much although I think it’s inherent in us mothers that we do. I used to check on Emma several times every night (Is she breathing? Is she too cold/hot? Is she comfortable? Where is her pacifier??) but now, I only do it before I go to bed and in the morning … and when I wake up for a middle of the night pee. Heh.
  • The simple things in life really are the best. I love it when her little fingers grab on to my shirt when I hold or carry her. I love it when she giggles while playing under her table, like it’s some sort of fort and we’re playing peek-a-boo. I love it when we cuddle and hug. The odd kiss I get from her always makes my day.
  • Trust that whatever you do, it is enough and you’ve done your best.

11.5 months


After posting the previous entry, I realise I forgot a few things. Then days passed, and Emma continued to surprise us with new capabilities XD

So of course I have to come here and note down every.single.thing before I forget about them. She can now:

  • Take 2-3 steps forward, without holding on to anything.
  • Drink with a straw (didn’t have to teach her much; she just naturally started to suck from it. So proud).
  • Wave hello or goodbye (sometimes with both hands).
  • Climb on to the sofa (first time was when we were at a friend’s place for Christmas brunch).
  • Climb OFF our bed. She’s been practising for weeks using her Dad as the platform. Now she confidently climbs down, while lying belly down on the bed and lowering her legs. Sometimes however, she gets a little too excited about her newfound ability (like last night) and started going down by just holding on to her crib, which is just next to our bed, with ONE hand, then sliding down a bit before hopping off. Kancheong stuff.
  • Call and point at her Dad and say “da da”. Of course she also points and calls other stuff she likes “da da” but still *proud moment*


11 months and 1 week

Yesterday, we were in a lift with a toddler, a boy who’s obviously older than Emma because he can walk steadily. When the boy  approached our little munchkin to have a closer look, I realised Emma is a LOT bigger/taller than him. Too bad I dont have a picture XD

In other Emma news:

  • If she’s motivated enough, like to reach out for some kind of food we’re eating, a toy or anything that catches her fancy, she can move forward one step without holding on to anything. 
  • Her screams are getting louder. Now if she doesn’t have her way, scream. If we take away something from her, scream. If she’s bored or excited, scream. I tell Pete she’s just expressing herself and loving the sound of her own voice :p
  • On the same note, she can throw tantrums like the best of them (me). Her temper. Wow. She’ll arch her back or throw things. Not looking forward to the terrible twos/threes. Luckily she is distracted easily so the tantrum usually only lasts about 10 seconds.
  • Actually, even when she’s in a good mood, she will throw things. Anything. She’ll be on her high chair and throw food, water, spoon on to the floor then look down and up at us saying in her questioning tone, as if asking, “Can you pick that up for me?” or “How come it’s ended up down there?”. She can be in her bed or ours, and she MUST throw anything that’s near her out of the vicinity.
  • She loves water. I wish we have the space to get a baby pool, you know the elaborate ones that have a slide and hoops and balls, etc etc etc. We discovered last weekend that she LOVES the shower; water splashing on to her face (she was once very afraid of it when she was younger). The look of glee on her face. Now that’s pure happiness. I wish I could take pictures with my eyes so I don’t miss anything.
  • At one of her first Christmas parties, she sat and played on her own quietly while all the older kids were running around. And even when a baby her age joined us and took away her toy, she was fine with it. She did however, tried to take away another baby’s pacifier. hahah. And played with a swinging metal lantern, which fascinated her so much.
  • She knows that when her Daddy puts on a shirt, it’s time to go out. Only thing is, it’s sometimes without her. And she’ll cryscream if you don’t bring her along. Sigh, the separation anxiety has started 😦
  • After I introduced meat (for the second time) to her porridge, she began to eat less and refuse her food. I tried sauteing chicken and tofu with some ginger powder for her. Nope. I tried adding cheese to her food. Nope. Organic baby food jar from the store. Nope. She prefers the food we eat so for the past week or so, we’ve been giving her what we eat. And she’s eating better, albeit sporadically. And I’ve reintroduced rusk to her, mixed with yoghurt. Plus she’s tried a bit of chocolate, cheese, bolognese sauce, celery, turkey, lamb, chicken, beef, spaghetti, french toast, chawanmushi, miso soup. So we’ll see how. Hopefully no allergic reaction whatsoever. Also I figured since she’s almost one and will eventually eat what we eat (i.e. with salt and seasoning) it should be ok. Better this than her not eating at all.
  • She’s starting to attempt climbing. I saw her climb up a sofa, with some help.
  • Not sure if my friends jinxed her (in a good way) but she loves buttons. Or anything round, really.
  • If i’m not mistaken – she has started to say “mamam” when she’s hungry, for milk especially.
  • And “pa”, “da”, “jsis” (when pointing at the portrait of Jesus. At least that’s what I think she’s saying). And a lot of other unidentifiable syllables XD
  • She still likes to roll around, face planting before falling asleep on our bed. Then we move her. God help us when she has her own room. (Hello baby monitor!)
  • She loves watching Pocoyo (I not-so-secretly enjoy it too).

On another note, Emma got a lot of lovely gifts for Christmas. I really should have taken photos of them but I’ve already put them away in the closet. This is the problem when you don’t open all the gifts in one sitting :p

So on behalf of Emma, a huge thank you to Granny, Daddy and all the Aunties and Uncles for the dresses (5 including 2 from me), soft toys, cooking set, train set, clothes (including 2 shorts from me ;p) and books (including 233162394 from me XD). I hope I didn’t forget anything.

Our amazing, cheeky bunny

I’m constantly amazed by our 10 and a half month old girl. For instance, she can point out Jesus and Mother Mary when asked (we have their portraits on the walls of our living room). I think we should try it with our photos and see if she can point out mummy and daddy.

Pete has been teaching her how to identify our nose, mouth and eyes. So far, she can point out the first two. She can also cruise and take steps quite well with her walker, just two days after she started using it.

She can wave. Her upper two front teeth is growing very quickly so she now has four teeth. She’s starting to warm up to Punk, our dog and pats him when he’s near. He’s still wary of her (like he is with most humans) but sniffs and tolerates her.

She’s eating more; about 5-8oz of rice porridge with vege or fruit and +/-30oz of milk eveyday. She’s ticklish. She’s temperamental (think she has a bit of dragon in her). She can be stubborn when we tell her not to do something. She’s our amazing, cheeky, funny, smiley, active, manja baby girl 🙂

10 months 10 days!

I haz no time (or rather, the will) to blog in a coherent way so I shall just list down stuff:

  • As of today, we know Emma understands the meaning or at least, knows how to shake her head to say no, in the right context. For example, today we asked if she wants to have a nap (we’re asking but really, we’re trying to instruct her to sleep) during lunch. She looked at us, shook her head and continued playing. That is when I realise our baby girl has grown so much! *misty eyed*
  • She still says “ma ma”, especially when she’s upset. She even reached out to me for a hug while saying “ma ma”. I shall take that she means I’m the mama and she needs me ❤
  • Since we still can’t figure out the reason behind her dotted rash (on her face, legs, neck and sometimes arms and back), we’ve decided to go back to the basics. And just give her porridge with one ingredient. So far she seems fine with pumpkin and papayas. Verdict is 50-50 on sweet potato, carrots and cauliflower though. (looking back at that list, I’m surprised Emma hasn’t turned orange yet. hahaha)
  • She’s been cruising more.
  • If Pete goes out of the room while I’m carrying her, she will most probably cry.
  • She can throw tantrums pretty well (feet stomping, throwing things, slapping, bending body backwards).
  • She likes slap-beating stuff like our thighs, tummy, chest, her own thighs, biscuit tins, tables, water, etc.
  • She also likes throwing things, just to see how far they can fly.
  • And if I hide something somewhere, while she’s looking, she knows where and how to uncover it.Also, we had a family photo shoot two weeks ago, on 11 Nov. Bought the package through a group discount deal and the results came out quite nice.






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