Before I forget

This is rather random stuff that I’m putting here for posterity sake.

Besides walking all over the place like the champ she is, Emma has started climbing up everywhere (like a chimp, really. hahaha)

She climbs up and down the sofas. Since our bed is a little too high, she uses a little chair next to the bed and climbs up. She’s even started climbing up our grill door, clinging to it. And crying because she’s stuck and too afraid to get back down even though she’s just 3 inches from the floor. Haha

She’d taste stuff like the floor, the dog’s nose, the dog’s fur and then say “mam”. Just the other day, she leaned in to kiss me (a very rare occurrence!) and said “mam”. I shall pretend she meant Mum 😀 Maybe she did.

She likes “petting” or rather smacking the dog, which is her way of sayang him. She thinks it’s funny to slap our faces or bodies. We’re trying to not give any reaction to this lest she thinks it’s acceptable.

And she’s started clapping her hands! All of a sudden, she decided to do it after months of me trying to teach her. She’d have this look of glee and put both hands together. Sometimes in cue to “If you’re happy and you know it …” song. That in itself is priceless.


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