Emma at 21 months

I just realised our baby girl turned 21 months yesterday. I usually remember but I guess the weekend was too busy fun and that’s ok. 

*Lame stories that I want to preserve ahead*

On the day she turned another month older, I found out that she knows how to wipe herself. I was changing her diaper while she was standing, and as she usually does when she sees a pack of wet wipes, she takes out one for herself. And proceeded to wipe her private parts, front and back. My sis- and bro-in-law were amazed. I am too but not surprised because I know Pete taught her that. And I am very proud of the both of them. 



We watched Gravity for our date night when we went back to Seremban last weekend. It was good and short. And very emotionally-draining on me. Why? Because I cried and felt like a knife was stabbing me in the heart during certain parts. (Can’t spoil it but it has got to do with the fact that I am a mother)


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