11.5 months


After posting the previous entry, I realise I forgot a few things. Then days passed, and Emma continued to surprise us with new capabilities XD

So of course I have to come here and note down every.single.thing before I forget about them. She can now:

  • Take 2-3 steps forward, without holding on to anything.
  • Drink with a straw (didn’t have to teach her much; she just naturally started to suck from it. So proud).
  • Wave hello or goodbye (sometimes with both hands).
  • Climb on to the sofa (first time was when we were at a friend’s place for Christmas brunch).
  • Climb OFF our bed. She’s been practising for weeks using her Dad as the platform. Now she confidently climbs down, while lying belly down on the bed and lowering her legs. Sometimes however, she gets a little too excited about her newfound ability (like last night) and started going down by just holding on to her crib, which is just next to our bed, with ONE hand, then sliding down a bit before hopping off. Kancheong stuff.
  • Call and point at her Dad and say “da da”. Of course she also points and calls other stuff she likes “da da” but still *proud moment*



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