11 months and 1 week

Yesterday, we were in a lift with a toddler, a boy who’s obviously older than Emma because he can walk steadily. When the boy  approached our little munchkin to have a closer look, I realised Emma is a LOT bigger/taller than him. Too bad I dont have a picture XD

In other Emma news:

  • If she’s motivated enough, like to reach out for some kind of food we’re eating, a toy or anything that catches her fancy, she can move forward one step without holding on to anything. 
  • Her screams are getting louder. Now if she doesn’t have her way, scream. If we take away something from her, scream. If she’s bored or excited, scream. I tell Pete she’s just expressing herself and loving the sound of her own voice :p
  • On the same note, she can throw tantrums like the best of them (me). Her temper. Wow. She’ll arch her back or throw things. Not looking forward to the terrible twos/threes. Luckily she is distracted easily so the tantrum usually only lasts about 10 seconds.
  • Actually, even when she’s in a good mood, she will throw things. Anything. She’ll be on her high chair and throw food, water, spoon on to the floor then look down and up at us saying in her questioning tone, as if asking, “Can you pick that up for me?” or “How come it’s ended up down there?”. She can be in her bed or ours, and she MUST throw anything that’s near her out of the vicinity.
  • She loves water. I wish we have the space to get a baby pool, you know the elaborate ones that have a slide and hoops and balls, etc etc etc. We discovered last weekend that she LOVES the shower; water splashing on to her face (she was once very afraid of it when she was younger). The look of glee on her face. Now that’s pure happiness. I wish I could take pictures with my eyes so I don’t miss anything.
  • At one of her first Christmas parties, she sat and played on her own quietly while all the older kids were running around. And even when a baby her age joined us and took away her toy, she was fine with it. She did however, tried to take away another baby’s pacifier. hahah. And played with a swinging metal lantern, which fascinated her so much.
  • She knows that when her Daddy puts on a shirt, it’s time to go out. Only thing is, it’s sometimes without her. And she’ll cryscream if you don’t bring her along. Sigh, the separation anxiety has started 😦
  • After I introduced meat (for the second time) to her porridge, she began to eat less and refuse her food. I tried sauteing chicken and tofu with some ginger powder for her. Nope. I tried adding cheese to her food. Nope. Organic baby food jar from the store. Nope. She prefers the food we eat so for the past week or so, we’ve been giving her what we eat. And she’s eating better, albeit sporadically. And I’ve reintroduced rusk to her, mixed with yoghurt. Plus she’s tried a bit of chocolate, cheese, bolognese sauce, celery, turkey, lamb, chicken, beef, spaghetti, french toast, chawanmushi, miso soup. So we’ll see how. Hopefully no allergic reaction whatsoever. Also I figured since she’s almost one and will eventually eat what we eat (i.e. with salt and seasoning) it should be ok. Better this than her not eating at all.
  • She’s starting to attempt climbing. I saw her climb up a sofa, with some help.
  • Not sure if my friends jinxed her (in a good way) but she loves buttons. Or anything round, really.
  • If i’m not mistaken – she has started to say “mamam” when she’s hungry, for milk especially.
  • And “pa”, “da”, “jsis” (when pointing at the portrait of Jesus. At least that’s what I think she’s saying). And a lot of other unidentifiable syllables XD
  • She still likes to roll around, face planting before falling asleep on our bed. Then we move her. God help us when she has her own room. (Hello baby monitor!)
  • She loves watching Pocoyo (I not-so-secretly enjoy it too).

On another note, Emma got a lot of lovely gifts for Christmas. I really should have taken photos of them but I’ve already put them away in the closet. This is the problem when you don’t open all the gifts in one sitting :p

So on behalf of Emma, a huge thank you to Granny, Daddy and all the Aunties and Uncles for the dresses (5 including 2 from me), soft toys, cooking set, train set, clothes (including 2 shorts from me ;p) and books (including 233162394 from me XD). I hope I didn’t forget anything.


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