Our amazing, cheeky bunny

I’m constantly amazed by our 10 and a half month old girl. For instance, she can point out Jesus and Mother Mary when asked (we have their portraits on the walls of our living room). I think we should try it with our photos and see if she can point out mummy and daddy.

Pete has been teaching her how to identify our nose, mouth and eyes. So far, she can point out the first two. She can also cruise and take steps quite well with her walker, just two days after she started using it.

She can wave. Her upper two front teeth is growing very quickly so she now has four teeth. She’s starting to warm up to Punk, our dog and pats him when he’s near. He’s still wary of her (like he is with most humans) but sniffs and tolerates her.

She’s eating more; about 5-8oz of rice porridge with vege or fruit and +/-30oz of milk eveyday. She’s ticklish. She’s temperamental (think she has a bit of dragon in her). She can be stubborn when we tell her not to do something. She’s our amazing, cheeky, funny, smiley, active, manja baby girl 🙂


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