10 months 10 days!

I haz no time (or rather, the will) to blog in a coherent way so I shall just list down stuff:

  • As of today, we know Emma understands the meaning or at least, knows how to shake her head to say no, in the right context. For example, today we asked if she wants to have a nap (we’re asking but really, we’re trying to instruct her to sleep) during lunch. She looked at us, shook her head and continued playing. That is when I realise our baby girl has grown so much! *misty eyed*
  • She still says “ma ma”, especially when she’s upset. She even reached out to me for a hug while saying “ma ma”. I shall take that she means I’m the mama and she needs me ❤
  • Since we still can’t figure out the reason behind her dotted rash (on her face, legs, neck and sometimes arms and back), we’ve decided to go back to the basics. And just give her porridge with one ingredient. So far she seems fine with pumpkin and papayas. Verdict is 50-50 on sweet potato, carrots and cauliflower though. (looking back at that list, I’m surprised Emma hasn’t turned orange yet. hahaha)
  • She’s been cruising more.
  • If Pete goes out of the room while I’m carrying her, she will most probably cry.
  • She can throw tantrums pretty well (feet stomping, throwing things, slapping, bending body backwards).
  • She likes slap-beating stuff like our thighs, tummy, chest, her own thighs, biscuit tins, tables, water, etc.
  • She also likes throwing things, just to see how far they can fly.
  • And if I hide something somewhere, while she’s looking, she knows where and how to uncover it.Also, we had a family photo shoot two weeks ago, on 11 Nov. Bought the package through a group discount deal and the results came out quite nice.







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