9 months 20 days!

Omg you guys, Emma is going to be 10 months old in 10 days. Then it’ll be our first Christmas together (I still hope I can put up a tree, albeit at my mum’s house, for her). And a month later will be her first birthday. OMFGWTFBBQ

On other news, we went for her check up on Monday and sadly, not only has she not gained weight from our last visit TWO months ago, but she lost 100g. Which may not sound much to an adult but for a baby, every gram counts. Sigh. I’m not sure what it was. We came back from Bali, where she was constipated but I thought all was fine when she finally pooped on the evening we came back. The next day was normal but then, I think it was a Friday or Saturday, she started pooping watery, yeast-smelling, non-smelly, yellow poop. 2-3 times a day. She was still having diarrhea up till yesterday, when she had a massive poop explosion in her crib. Poor Pete had to clean her and the bed up all on his own because I was at work. We suspect it was the bread we’ve been feeding her since Bali. It’s just too bad because she seemed to like it. Sigh

We’ve debated whether to go to her doctor or just wait till this weekend and see. I cooked some plain porridge (flavoured with dried scallops and pureed pears) for her today because I thought maybe introducing beef isn’t such a good idea now but she refused. She also didn’t want any yoghurt. Or coconut water (which is understandable because it’s new to her).

She shakes her head now when she doesn’t want something. SO CUTE, I should take a video of that soon. But for now, I’m still worried that she’s not gaining weight (please don’t lose any more grammes) and still diarrhea-ing (is that a word?) and don’t eat much solids. HOWHOWHOW *ok I need to calm the fuck down*

Out of desperation, I bought organic crackers (which on hindsight, I’m not sure is a good idea seeing that she doesn’t have much teeth yet) and rusk. Although it kills me to think that my baby is eating unnecessary, refined sugar and salt, at least she’s eating. Right? Right??

Still need to work out this solid food dilemma. I’d love nothing more than to cook healthy, delicious foods for her. Just give me a chance!

PS: I noticed she likes drinking water out of an adult’s cup/glass. Always eager, unlike when we give her the sippy cup or feed with spoon.


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