9 whole freaking months!

Emma is growing beautifully, if I may say so myself (layan sendiri). She’s currently having a fever, which we obsessively monitor every 10 minutes with the digital ear thermometer. It started on Sunday afternoon, then it was on and off for the rest of the day and yesterday.

On Sunday night, I experienced something that I’ve only read (and laughed and dread about) on parents’ blogs. After drinking 6oz of milk, what would normally be a burp turned out to be projectile vomiting. I don’t know who was more shocked – me or Emma. We both stared down at the mess in front of us, with me exclaiming “Oh no!”. The hubs quickly came in and whisked the baby to the bathroom while I tried to contain the mess.

Bad news: This happened on our bed and soaked through the mattress very quickly.

Good news: It didn’t happen on me, so I guess I should thank my lucky stars I didn’t have to wash vomit laced with papaya (from her dinner) from my hair and body in the middle of the night.

Bad news: I had just changed the sheets a week ago.

Good news: It’s not my favourite and I was going to change it anyway.

Hopefully she’ll get better today. If not, we’ll need to bring her to the doctor.

Also, an update on what she can do now:

  • Every night for the past few days, she’ll practise standing up unsupported with us as her “launch pad” and “safety net”. She’ll climb up on us while we lay there and when she finds her balance, let go. So far her is 10 seconds (according to Pete who was lucky enough to witness it). So the good news is, she’s still active despite the fever and she’ll soon master this skill within the next two weeks.
  • On more than one occasion, she’s pushed my face away when I attempted to kiss her.
  • She’s started saying “da da” all the time. Now, especially when she’s not feeling well, she likes to snuggle up to her Daddy and talk. A lot. Sometimes with “da da” in the conversation. It’s obvious who she favours. *ronery & jeles* … JOKING (mostly). I’m glad they’re close and she’s obviously her Daddy’s girl. Makes my heart swell with pride every time I see them together 🙂

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