8.5 months

Eight and a half freaking months! omg, where did the time go. It’s the last quarter of the year and our precious bunny is zooming into toddlerhood. Ok I exaggerate … Some updates:

  • She’s finally fit into some of her shoes (gifts from lovely friends)! She can’t technically walked yet but oh it’s so DAMN CUTE!! Just wanna nom on those thighs and arms and cheeks … Sorry, got carried away there. Moving along.
  • No matter what time she sleeps the night before (it could be anything from 8pm to 12pm but it’s usually in the middle of that), she will wake up at 7.30-8.30am, when she hears me getting ready for work. So Daddy can’t sleep in or has to layan her first before doing some work. I often wonder if it’ll make a difference to her sleeping habits when she has her own room. Hmmm

    She seems to have lost some weight or has grown a lot taller over the past couple of weeks. It’s no wonder seeing how she lunges, climbs, rolls, crawls and sits all over our bed. She’s a little more careful though when we put her on the play mat or hard floor.

    Oh I almost forgot. When we’re on the bed, she will climb on to her Dad’s tummy/chest and push herself up, so she’s sort of standing, in a 90 degrees sort of way. No picture of that though. I wish I can take pictures with my eyes and then print them out.She’s also very fascinated with her Daddy’s nipples and belly button, and finds it hilarious to hit him on the chest. 😀



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