I used to read

Found this half written post in my draft folder. A post I started almost 2 years ago and promptly forgot about. Dad passed away, I got pregnant, new job, new baby…you know, life. Anyway, I shall dust off the cobwebs in my brain and try to blog more often.


I used to have a list of books that I want to read. A tattered piece of paper where I would jot down titles and authors in any space I could find. I wonder where is it now, hmmm

It’s not like I don’t read nowadays. I do but it’s just (mummy) blogs and web articles mostly. I think the last book I read (besides parenting books when I was preggers) was about 2 years ago – it’s either Wolf of the Plains, an excellent fictionalised story of Genghis Khan or The Kite Runner, which I’ve yet to finish. I recently bought the Tiger Mom’s book and Tina Fey’s Bossypants (which I started reading 2 weeks ago and am still halfway through) from MPH for full price. I’ve never really bought books at full price before, I’m a cheapskate like that :p

I also bought the sequel to Wolf of the Plains and numerous other books from the Big Bad Wolf Sale last year but they’re sadly collecting dust in my gigantic Ikea bag under the bed right now. The lack of proper space for my books is not going to stop me from buying more though. Next on the to-buy list (to remind myself, lest I forget about it for another 2 years):

  • The Hunger Games seriesThe Hobbit (to reread and add to collection)

    Clothbooks for Emma

    The 3rd (or is it 2nd) book of that Genghis Khan tale

    Life of Pi

    Shtty Mom


Can’t think of anymore now. Need to get back to work.

PS: Oh yeah, I totally forgot I bought Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook. Another thing I should start doing more often


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