7 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old

Our bunny is growing up so fast, she can sit then move on to her stomach. Or get on to her hands and knees then sit down. And I’ve seen her try to pull herself up. And she’s got 2 little teeth coming out of her bottom gums. And she can scream REALLY LOUD. She loves standing, jumping and walking when we hold her up (or use the walker). She is still a good sleeper even though she sometimes puts up a fight. She is very vocal and smiley (God I love that smile of hers). She laughs. She holds your hand. She gives you a high five. She touches your face and makes a grunting sound that seems like she’s saying, “I’m gonna eat your eyeballs!”.

She scratches an itch. She loves it when you sing to her (songs from Do Re Mi to Spice Girls’ Wannabe – our daughter isn’t choosy). She sometimes scrunches her face or raises her eyebrow when we talk, trying to understand. She loves her baths. She loves playing with water, slapping on it and using her right index finger to poke at bubbles or dripping water. She seems to be a natural at swimming. She is eating well though we’re going to stop giving oats and rice because I suspect they might be causing her suspected eczema. Her skin is getting better though.

She uses her tongue to taste your mouth when you lean in for a kiss. She lunges forward or sideways when we’re holding her. She loves watching us. And is very fascinated when we talk on the phone. We love it when she stretches her neck up or sideways to try to look at us when we’re blocked/out of sight. We bought her this toy from Ikea and though she doesn’t know how to put the right shape into the right hole (yet), she enjoys taking out every single block from inside the box and putting them beside her. I don’t know about you but I found that amazing.

Damn, I don’t know how we can ever live without her.



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