6 months, 5 days

What Emma can do now:

  • Besides the double (triple, quadruple) rolling that she can do very well now, she’s mastered the art of turning 90 and 180 degrees after turning on to her tummy. And reaching for things like her changing mat or toys (or tummy warming oil or powder or pillow or diaper or… you get the drift). She’s moving so fast now that it’s fucking scary when we’re changing her on our bed. Have had a few near misses. Can’t handle the heart attacks, so we never leave our eyes (and hands) off her, if we want to reach behind for some baby stuff that we forgot/the aircond remote/to turn on the fan. Soon she’ll gain enough strength in her arms and figure out that, hey, her legs and arms can work together to bring her places. Scary yet exciting (if you see the condition of our house, you’ll see why).
  • Sitting up (with a little assistance) with her hands as a supportive tripod. She even tried sitting up while half asleep last night, when I had finished dream feeding her. It’s amazing how strong she’s become.
  • She’s very curious about what we eat now, so I think it’s time for me to try some pureed fruits/veges/oats/porridge on her. Hopefully it doesn’t result in her vomiting (like what happened when we tried giving her mushy mango last week but I think the fibres or taste made her projectile vomit. Ugh and scary). Oh yeah, I now understand why Alicia Silverstone did what she did with her son. We did the same when first offering her some watermelon, papaya and mango because that’s the easiest way. Unless I’m cooking a batch of solids for her, I ain’t busting out the blender. No mouth-to-mouth though, that feels kinda icky but to each their own. Parenting is challenging enough without someone judging you or giving you unsolicited advice, tqvm.
  • She still talks a lot, even when she’s drifting off to sleep or waking up. It’s now a mix of “ai ya”, “da da di”, etc etc. I think I even heard her say “em ma” yesterday in a response to something my sister in law said. AMAZING.
  • I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Emma is still in the 95th percentile for her length (she measured 73cm last week) and 50-75th percentile weight-wise (8.1kg yo!). So proud.
  • I hope I don’t jinx it but she’s still sleeping through the night although she’s been waking (me) up crying. But after giving her a pacifier she goes right back to sleep. Perhaps I should restrain myself from responding too fast and let her self soothe *need to stop hovering so much*
  • And oh yeah, I trimmed her hair last week. About an inch. And now her hair is not as wispy and soft as before. Gimme back my baby’s old hair!!! I miss the tuft at the top that reminds me of Tintin😦 Ok la, it looks decent now, but still sigh. I kept that lock of hair in her baby record book though.

    Before haircut Before. If you squint, you can see all that hair defying gravity.

    After haircut

After. Hair still stands but not as much anymore.


I recently found out a lot of things about the hubby, one of which is he used to read and collect a lot of comic books. Omg, my dream of marrying a geek did come true afterall (not that he wasn’t a dream come true before this). Hahaha

I love late night talks over alcohol with him after the baby’s asleep. So much juicy stuff from the past!


Oh yeah, since last Friday was our anniversary, we went back to my mum’s place and got her to babysit while we berdating. We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant (food so so) and then went for a movie. The Dark Knight Rises! I’d say it’s good although my mind wasn’t blown like Inception or the second Batman with the Joker but when it was revealed that *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER* Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character’s real name is Robin, I was like OMFG Batman, this is the best news ever because then we’d see more of him. Also, Tom Hardy as Bane was really good. I was so amazed at how big he got; he kinda reminded me of Harvey Keitel in Iron Man 2. And the fact that he was basically acting with his voice made it even better.

As we haven’t been to the movies (or a proper date for that matter) in months and months, we watched Spiderman the next day. I liked that too. Andrew Garfield was the right amount of boyish and goofy charm while Emma Stone was so pretty!


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