Married life…

…isn’t that much different from when we were living (in sin) together.

Ok, a few things have changed. One, we have a baby now. She turned six months old on the day of our marriage anniversary (20 July. How awesome is that!). How time flies. It’s been a year since we went to the registrar and stood in front of the officer while she read some official stuff in Malay.

Anyway, I’m documenting the times Pete complimented me for posterity sake (and for future use when we’re a grumpy old couple). He doesn’t always openly or straighforwardly do so, so it came as a gleeful surprise when he did it several times over the past few weeks (my bad, maybe he has done so at this frequency in the past, maybe I just didn’t really notice). Anyway, my insides turns to mush when:

  • I hear him telling Emma that she’s as pretty as mummy (awwwwwww).
  • He tells me I don’t need makeup cos I look good anyway (ok, he’s told me this several times in the past). We were at the cinema and he told he saw several girls dressed to the nines, complete with fake eyelashes and the works. I jokingly commented, perhaps I should put on some makeup to not look so drab *obvious attempt at fishing for compliments :p*
  • He said I make him happy. And somewhere in our long conversations over whiskey and Guinness (on TWO separate occasions. We’re not that crazy), he mentioned the word “forever” when referring to us. Double win!
  • He told me that I can sing. OMG, I am serious, he really meant it and not in a teasing way. I guess this is why some people thought they can win American Idol.



To paraphrase the new jammies I bought for Emma, my husband rocks! And not just because he says I’m pretty.



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