Four and a half months

I think it’s official – my boobs have become smaller/deflated after giving birth. Pete commented about it two nights ago, so I’m not the only one who thinks so.

On to more important things, Emma’s progress! She’s growing up so fast and I’ve been busy/lazy/too tired to blog that I need to quickly write all these down:

  • She’s now got the rolling over down pat. She can be lying on her back one second and when I turn around to get something for two seconds, she’ll be on her tummy already. And she has strong neck/back muscles cos she can stay in that position for quite a long time (20 minutes maybe).
  • I think she may have a baby six pack soon with all stomach crunches she’s been doing, trying to sit up, lol.
  • She laughs at random things (depending on her mood). One day she’ll be laughing at the word “funny”, another time it was “put your hands up”, then yesterday was “yippee”, “yay”. I think it was the way we said it, lol.
  • She also laughs at her own reflection in the mirror. I need to record a video of that.
  • I don’t want to jinx things but she really is a good sleeper. Most times she’ll be asleep by 9.30-10PM. And she’ll usually be asleep until 7.30AM. Sometimes she’ll wake up at 5-6ish (crying or calm) but I’m now training her to get back to sleep, sometimes with a pacifier.
  • I’m still amazed at how calm and happy she is when she wakes up in the morning. Such a morning person (unlike Mummy).
  • Despite her being such a good sleeper, I’m still sleepy in the morning cos now that she knows how to roll (only to the right side for now) and sleep on her tummy, I worry and check on her a few times every night whenever I’m awake from deep sleep. Husband says I have OCD. I have to agree. hahaha
  • She’s still very interested in noming on her fingers (who can blame her, her hands are so damn cute!) but last week, she’s started to reach out to grab things. Toys, hankies, my hair, my mouth.
  • Pete and I had a huge blowup for the first time two weekends ago. While we’re at it, he was carrying her so she witnessed it but we tried to tone it down. When she saw me yelling, she started crying too. Aiyo the face so cute and heartbreaking. Yes babies can sense your mood even though they don’t understand what you’re saying.
  • Her stats at her last check up (4 months):
    • 68cm long
    • 7.4kg
    • She now wears size M (Mamypoko) diapers. The M for other brands (we’ve only tried Huggies) are a bit too snug and smaller than Mamypoko so I bought L for day time use.
  • I’m also amazed at how fast she grows. She can now fit into a 9-12 month old’s baju easily. Note: Baby sizing can be misleading so just buy clothes that are double her age.
  • Though she is growing nicely and she’s happy, I still worry about her milk intake. I noticed right after her doctor’s visit two weeks ago, she’s been drinking less milk per feeding. She used to consistently drink 4 ounces but now downs 2-3 ounces most times. This makes her hungry more often though so I guess it works out on its own. Need to get a weighing scale for her.
  • I can’t wait to bring her to a swimming pool. And playground. And many other places.


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