3 months

Damn, Pinterest is making me hungry and wanting to make/bake all these delicious food…if only I had my own kitchen with an oven and other appliances.

Anyway, Emma is three and a half months old now. How time flies. It seems like such a long time ago when she was born but it’s actually only been three months.

I need to write all these down for posterity as I don’t want to forget like how I am now, trying to remember every single thing from her first month:

  • She now talks/coos a LOT! Such a chatterbox. In the mornings, she’ll stir and I know she’ll wake up soon when she starts “talking” while still asleep. And then she’ll slowly open her eyes and smile up at you, if you happen to be looking at her. Ah such a sweetheart.
  • She’s also started to attempt rolling over. Actually she’s been doing that for a couple of weeks (I think) but for the past few days, she’s been more successful, i.e. she’s managed to turn three quarters of the way with one hand still stuck under her. But yeah, she’s amazing.
  • With her neck and legs getting stronger, she’s getting more and more restless and wants to roll/move here and there. Plus, she really likes to sit up. Too bad she can’t fit into the Bumbo (thighs get stuck. hahahahahaha)
  • She laughs! Oh I love it when she giggles when we talk to her in a way – nodding your head and smiling while talking. I told her the other day that she’s the most awesome, cutest, smartest and prettiest baby ever and she laughed at that. TWICE. *heart swells with pride*
  • She’s so curious with everything and the TV, that she’ll crane her neck while drinking milk just to catch a glimpse of it. So cute and funny, yet I don’t think TV is good for young kids kan.
  • Of course she fusses and cries but in general, I think she’s a happy baby (hope I don’t jinx it).
  • I’m really proud of Pete for taking good care of Emma when I’m at work. To the point that now I’m at a lost sometimes when she cries so hard and stops almost immediately when Daddy holds her in a certain way. Aah, love him even more for that.
  • Emma really enjoys her baths. She’ll kick around, continue “eating” her fingers and lie there patiently while I soaped her up. Such a cutie.
  • I’m glad we’ve managed to get her to sleep through the night since she’s about 2 months old. She usually gets sleepy any time from 8.30pm to 10pm (I try not to let her stay up so late) and I’ll give her a “dream feed” any time from 10.30pm to 12am, depending on the time of her last feed.
  • By the way, I think I measured her wrongly in the last post. When we went to her last doctor’s appointment on 23 April, she measured 61cm and weighed 6.9kg (oh my, how she’s grown).
  • She’s grown so much that she looks so different when I look back at her newborn pictures. And sometimes I forget that she’s actually still so young because she looks so big, like a mini adult. I’m not sure how to explain it, she’s only three months old but I feel she’s like a toddler already, haha.
  • She’s outgrown all her newborn / 0-3 months clothes and can now fit into size 6 months. However, I must say, baby’s clothes sizes are even more erratic than adults – a onesie for 9 months can actually be smaller than another baju for 6 months. But yeah, some of the 9 month old onesies she got for her fullmoon is starting to looking tight on her ;p
  • As she’s growing so fast, we’ve now let her wear all her clothes, no matter how big it seems (ok la, some really big ones, we’ll keep till later). I’ve discovered some 3-6 months old baju under her pile of clothes which are a little too snug for her so those were only worn two to three times, max. A bit wasted but oh well, shall keep for the next one 😉
  • I’m really amazed at how much she’s grown and progressed. And how I can be in love with her even more every day (ok starting to get mushy). Yes, it is possible to be in love with two people at the same time – I’m in love with my husband and baby *cues aww soundbite*

** not my best writing and I’m pretty sure I made a few grammatical mistakes here and there, but hey, this is for my record only.


Our chubby bunny


Think she’s got Pete’s cheeky look


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