2 months

We all judge people. Some of us do it openly. Most, me included, do it quietly. After becoming a mom for two months and reading this, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kara-gebhart-uhl/mom-judgments_b_1319775.html I’ve come to realise this – that no matter how much you plan and vow never to do, things dont always go as planned and you sometimes end up eating your own words.

Before Emma, I couldnt stand people who let their kids roam free in the car without strapping them in. When i was pregnant, i insisted on getting a carseat and use it when we get out of the hospital. Post-Emma, i’m ashamed to say that i’ve become one of those people i used to judge. On several occasions, i’ve carried the baby in the car although it’s always for short drives. Or when we use the carseat, we hedge it against the front seat instead of using the seatbelt. Usually it’s because it’s easier, we’re in a hurry or baby needs to be breastfed. Still, i dont condone this and will try to use the carseat at all times.

When i got pregnant, i was very gungho about breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months, at least. Of course, i didnt realise how hard and time consuming it can be (as is always the case until we actually do it). i mean, i’ve read and heard about nipple soreness, lack of supply, etc but i never thought it could happen to me and even if it did, i toldmyself i’ll weather it. I read up on breastfeeding, watched videos, spent a bomb getting a dual electrical breastpump. Two months into it, i’m supplementing with formula (started when she turned a month old) for various reasons, one of which is to have more time for myself and to maintain my sanity. Turns out my supply could be low or the flow slow because Emma didnt gain as much weight as she should have inthe first month. Will still try to continue breastfeeding and pump at the office when i start work this coming Tuesday but already i’m afraid i might not have enough time, knowing how my job schedule can be. Still, im hesitant to give it up. I know i’ll miss it, our special time together.

I’ve also judged other parents for letting their child drink soda and other sugared drinks all the time. I’m not sure how well i’m going to handle this in the future but i think, if we dont start her on it and if we ourselves dont drink it too much in front of her, it should be controllable. I hope ;p

And oh, i’ve silently cursed parents for letting their kids run free and scream like monkeys in restaurants and the cinema. Again, hopefully i’ll be able to discipline my child without much difficulty.

Ipads, tvs and other gadgets. I grew up watching loads of TV but when i became a parent, I told myself that i’ll try to minimise her exposure to these as much as possible. I want her to read and play, using her imagination, not just sitting there watching the idiot box. But now, after trying to get baby to nap or be occupied with a toy just so i can do the laundry or catch a nap, i totally understand the need to use those gadgets. So, now i’m telling myself that tv and ipad are ok as long as it’s balanced with toys and books. Already she’s quite fixated on the tv whenever it’s on. Shall download Sesame Street, Baby Einstein and other fun educational videos 😉

Who says parenting is easy (no one actually, haha but i wanna end with this)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicholas
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 17:24:00

    Buy a set of Peter (ha!) and Jane and red with her when the time comes 🙂


  2. Em
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 08:11:51

    Oh yeah! But cant buy now cos i bought a lot for her at the big bad wolf sale. No room for more books, lol


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