I love…

– the way you look after feeding. Contented. Sleepy. “Drunk” lol.
– how your right hand grabs and holds on tightly to my shirt when i bathe you.
– the way you lie down with your hands on your chest/chin when you’re feeding.
– your cooing, aahing, grunting, sighing and all those cute (and sometimes, scary) sounds you make.
– the way you sneeze and yawn. Reminds me of a kitten.
– your chubby cheeks. And thighs. And arms. And tummy. And calves. And bum.
– your little hands and feet.
– having you lie down on my chest.
– how you look at me with those adorable eyes and the funny faces (though unintentional) you make.
– your double chin.
– your little nose.
– your smile.
– how you always manage to wriggle closer to me.
– the fact that you seem to recognise my voice and face.,


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