Emma’s changed so much over the past month and continues to do so. She started cooing around the third week and now she can coo and gurgle and make all those baby sounds. So adorable. It amazes me how much and fast she’s grown. wanna bite those chubby cheeks of hers, lol.

Just when i think i have this baby thing down pat, Emma throws me a curveball. It is a constant learning experience after all. I feel that she’s demanding to be held more nowadays. It’s ok (most times) with me, especially now that i know how to put her lying chest down on my chest. It’s such a great feeling. One thing that still worries me is us having to hold her to sleep before putting her down on her own bed. I dont encourage this but it is a necessary evil for now as she always wakes up screaming/fussing after we put her down half asleep. Sigh, have to work on that.

Breastmilk supply is still the same – not much and flowing out slowly. Feel bad whenever Emma struggles and tugs at my nipples to get more milk. Like today, after i’ve breastfed her, she was still hungry and screaming for more so in the end i gave her formula as both breasts were empty. Sigh. I need to pump more often to try and increase the supply. It’s so easy fo me to give up now but i keep thinking, wth, it’s only been a month. All those breastfeeding equipment (pump, storage bottles and bags, etc) that cost us rm800 will be wasted. So maybe she gets impatient at the breast. Im going to try expressing and feed her through the bottle.

Sleepy, cant think.


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