Slowly learning

Emma’s 23 days old today. What i’ve learned/realised from motherhood so far:

– breastfeeding exclusively isn’t easy. It takes up all your time and needs lots of practice. I’m still trying to get used to it and make it as comfortable as possible for both of us. I think we’ve got the latching part right, it’s now her positioning that i always have trouble with. That and my worry that im not producing enough or the flow is too slow.
– many times (usually in the middle of the night when im dead tired and she’s still sucking), i’ve contemplated mixing with formula. Before this i was adamant about not giving Emma any formula until she’s at least 3 months old but now im not sure. For one, i’ll know how much she’s taking. Two, hopefully it’ll help her fall asleep quicker. Three, it might help reduce snacking cos currently, she’s on my boobs almost every waking second. Thats my fault really, cos sometimes i dont know if she’s hungry or just want suckle so when she cries and her diaper is clean, i give her a boob. Four, it’ll give me more time for housework and myself.
– I still need to get used to the fact that im completely responsible for another human being. It makes you grow up real fast, heh
– also need to get used to sleep deprivation and loss of personal time.
– lots of patience. Like when she cries and you dont know what she wants. Or you think you know but you dont know how to help her.
– i miss being pregnant sometimes. Not that im not glad to have Emma with us. I guess when you were pregnant for almost a year, you kinda get attached to it :p

Things seem to have improved since the first week but it’s still very challenging and overwhelming sometimes.


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