Emma’s here!

Hello world!
Right after writing the previous post, our Emma decided to come out at 39 weeks 5 days. Well, not immediately. The contractions started at about 9ish at night, I think and went on till 11ish before it stopped. Then at 1am, the contractions came back stronger and more regular. Decided to jot down the times before I can be sure it’s real. When I decided it was real and time to go to
the hospital, it was already 3am. Got admitted and was wheeled into the labour room. All this time, I’m surprised I didn’t panic. Phew

By 3.30am, I was already 3cm dilated. I’m like, wow, this is really happening. I could still tahan the contractions but still requested for an epidural just in case. By 4ish, I was sure I needed an epidural and luckily the doctor came at 5.30 (I think). Unfortunately, it only worked partially for me 😦
I could still feel a lot pain on my lower back and lower abdomen. By 6.30am, I was 6cm dilated. 7.15am, I was at 8 or 9cm. Soon after that, at 7.30, the midwife said I’m already at 10cm and told me that I can start pushing. omfg, I asked if my doctor was already on the way. I didn’t expect it to progress that fast (which on hindsight is a good thing given the amount of pain I was in). Finally at 8.13am, Emma came popping out.
So many thoughts, so many things to jot down before I forget so here goes before baby girl wakes up to mamam.
  • If you don’t really know how a contraction feels like, imagine having period cramps that get more painful as time goes by. I’m not sure if at the end, the pain I felt was the full one or toned down by the epidural, but it still motherfucking hurts (like on a scale of 1-10, it’s 15). I tried to remember to breathe properly and calm down like how all those good childbirth videos and advice I read but when the pain hits you, you tend to forget.
  • The first time the midwife/nurse put her hand inside my vagina to see how much my
    cervix has opened, it was a shock. I felt like I was being fisted, which in fact I was.
  • When I had to push, fuck, the pressure, the pressure! Ok, I guess it’s a little TMI so all I’m gonna say is this, you’ll feel like pangsai-ng a boulder. I tried my hardest to breathe and hold my breath and push but dammit, I always fell short. So in the end my gynae had to use forceps to help pull her out. When she finally came out, I was so relieved.
  • I didn’t cry, just exclaimed an “Oh” when she came out and cried for the first time. Doctor showed me the placenta and sewed me up (it was quite a long cut *wince*) while I waited for them to clean Emma up before I can hold her. Pete got all the bloody pictures, including of me with my kaki kangkang but those shall remain with us ;p
  • I wasn’t allowed to walk for 8-10 hours after delivering because of the epidural. Probably a good thing cos I might just accidentally tear my stitches.
  • Every time I wasn’t sure what to do with Emma, I’d call the nurses who were very nice to show me how to feed and change her. I kinda wished they would follow me home so they can help take care of her, hahaha
  • I broke the ‘rules” and showered the next morn while they had Emma in the nursery.
  • I’m not really following any confinement rules strictly, especially the “no shower and hair wash” part. I still drink plain water plus the red dates water. I always forget to wear slippers around the house. I don’t wear socks. I sit directly under the fan.
  • Prune juice and fibre drink helped a lot when you’re damn sore down there and need to pass motion.
  • After not drinking for 9 long months, a small shot of DOM is enough to make me tipsy :/
K, next up, I need to blog about the 14 days since Emma’s born.

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