14 days of Emma

It’s been 2 weeks since Emma’s arrival. Am going to try to blog about her progres
s before I forget (already time’s passed by so quickly).

Day 1-2
She was mostly asleep and I tried to establish breastfeeding as soon as possible even though there wasn’t much milk/colostrum. Am lucky cos had a bunch of nurses to help me out.
Day 4

Had my first urut session. When she massaged my boobs to stimulate milk production and “pushed” my uterus up, I don’t know which hurt more. Put on the bengkung for the first time.
Pui Ling, Janice, Kerry, Joyce and Ai Ling came over for a visit. PL commented that Emma looked a bit yellow so we should bring her for a jaundice check up asap.
Day 5
Took baby to the Seremban Hospital and the doctors there decided to admit her for one night of photo therapy. They didnt have any beds available for me so I expressed milk at home and brought it over to her. Couldnt express much so I resigned to the fact that she had to drink formula. Missed her so damn much but a part of me also was kinda glad for the one night of sleep. Didnt sleep much though as I expressed milk every 3 hours to keep up the production. Pete went back to PJ for a few days.
Day 6-9
Went to the hospital to pick up baby girl. Doctor told me that they suspect she might have a defect in her spine that could be spina bifida. hamigawd, I immediately blamed myself (could it be because I forgot taking my supplements one too many times? could it be because of the ciggies before I found out I was preggers?). Anyway decided to bring her back to Assunta for a scan because her records are over there and she was up for a follow up anyway.
The next 3 days were spent bringing her to the nearby Klinik Kesihatan to check her jaundice levels, which were still high. Also, thanks to PL, we registered with the KK and got free nurse home visits, which helps a lot as they check the baby’s weight, jaundice and my blood pressure. If you have any questions about the baby or your health, you could ask them.
And these few nights were some of the most challenging I’ve had as Emma constantly wanted to feed for hours on end as my milk production still wasn’t that much. Damn stress, didnt sleep much as she slept mostly in the day and was up the whole night.
Day 11
Went back to PJ for the Assunta follow up with her paediatrician. Had a fight with Pete over whether we should have the ultrasound scan to determine the condition of her spine on the same day or a month later. Of course, being the worry wart that I am, I’d love nothing more than have it done on that day so I know for sure. Anyway, thank God her spine is fine. Doctor said her jaundice is ok, dont have to go any more blood tests. Forgot to remind doctor about her hearing test though. Oh well. The government hospital doctors seem to think that test is unnecessary and she hears fine, I think.
Day 12-14
My milk is coming out more, so I’ve been pumping and feeding her at the same time so I have some milk in the fridge to top up her night feeds. In a way, I know how much she’s getting and she’s filled up quicker and everyone gets to sleep more. I’m glad breastfeeding is going well, she seems to be latching on ok. I just have some problems with positioning her properly as I worry whether I’m holding her ok, if her spine is straight, if her arm is ok, etc etc
We brought her to the KK for a blood test on Wednesday on the advice of the nurses. Her level’s come down to 174, which is below the worrying zone. Doctor said we could monitor her and bring her over for another test on Saturday if need be. Just need to breastfeed her more 🙂

1 day old

12 days old
I’m amazed at how much she’s changed over 2 short weeks. Her face, though round, isn’t as swollen as when she first came out. She seems to get longer every day, her eyes opening bigger.
Motherhood is overwhelming and I’ve cried a few times when it seems too challenging for me to handle but it’s also such a joy to look at her contented face, her eyes staring back at you. I didnt bond or fell in love with her immediately (it felt quite wrong but it is what it is) but after a few days and we settled into a routine, I can say that I’m smitten 😀
Ok, I thought I had more to say but turns out there isn’t much. Pix in my Facebook, if you know me 😉

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