Happy 2012!

Belly looks lower. Emma is descending
I’m officially in the last stage of pregnancy, i.e. full term. Emma is now at 37 weeks, 3 days and she can arrive at any time, which leaves me a bit nervous but we’ve already prepared most of everything for her so it should be fine. I’m now more nervous about when I finally go into labour, can’t imagine the whole situation. I read that I should be calm and go with the flow of the
contractions so it won’t be as painful. I just hope I remember that. And I hope we dont forget anything important.
And most importantly, I hope we’ll be able to cope when she arrives. Of course, it won’t be easy but many parents have managed so I think we should be able to. Right, right?
By the way, am now on my second day of leave. Feels a bit weird. On one hand, I can’t imagine not having anything to do throughout the day. On the other hand, I now have all the time in the world to do the things I’ve always wanted to do, like read my pregnancy guide books, talk and sing to Emma, clean up the room, rest and basically prepare for the baby.
So far at 37 weeks:
  • TMI alert!! – Thought I should share this here as this is a very normal health issue. I think I’ve always had a slight haemorrhoid problem but since starting my third trimester, it’s become worse. Whenever I need to go, I end up sitting on the toilet for 10-15 minutes trying to relax and coax it out. I eat fruits and veges and drink 1-2 litres of water every day but it’s getting harder to pass my bowels because of the growing baby. Anyway, my doctor friend, PL told me I can try pushing the exposed vericose veins back in and do Kegels to hold it in. Have been trying to do that and it works, if the lump is small la.
    Another TMI alert!! – I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my lastpost but I read that doing some perineal massage might be good in reducing the chances of tearing. Basically, you need to try stretching your perineum (the area between your vagina and asshole). Am trying to do it more often but it’s not easy to reach down there in my condition :p
  • Mum suggested to get air conditioning for my room in Seremban as it would be quite impractical for me and baby to sleep downstairs in the living room, where the one and only a/c is in. She paid for it (I could only contribute a teeny bit). I do have the best Mum ever. Need to thank her more.
  • Have been craving for sweet stuff, especially chocolates. Die la, especially when I’m supposed to be cutting down on sugar so baby won’t get overweight.
  • Did I tell you about my addiction to coconut water? ;p
  • Have been getting Braxton-Hicks contractions (false/practice contractions) more often. Belly gets hard as a rock.
  • It’s also been kinda hard to walk for long too. Bladder sometimes feel very uncomfortable with every step. And I get tired easily (blame the lack of exercise over the past 8 months *guilty face*).
  • For the past few weeks, I’ve felt like I’m in a furnace :s
  • People tell me my bump is really big (yeah meh?). Some say, “Are you sure you’re not expecting twins?”. Doctor say the size is normal and average. He also added that it probably looks big cos I have existing belly fats, hehe
  • And I’ve been getting lovely gifts from friends for Emma. I can so get used to this πŸ˜‰
A cute bib from Mich
Awesome diaper cake from Tammy, Pei Xzan and Sue Lynn

Saw this on some group deal site and wanted to buy it but decided to wait, in case I get it as a gift. And a few days later, I did! Got this from a colleague for Christmas πŸ™‚

A baby bowling set! Colleagues gave me this on my last day of work last Friday. Totally unexpected and sweet of them

2 sets of adorable bajus from PL and ML over the New Year weekend

And of course Mum and Sis bought bajus for her, which I didnt take pix of cos too many. I’m not sure if I remembered to post all the gifts (forgive me, pregnancy brain is a real thing) but a huge thank you to all of you, I love them all! πŸ˜€

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