34 weeks, 4 days

I’m in my 35th week now and it’s suddenly dawned on me (and Pete) that the baby could come any time soon. And we still have a few things to get ready before she comes!! *takes deep breath*

We just ordered her mattress, which is going to be custom-sized and arriving in about 2-3 weeks. We need to move the crib back to my mum’s house soon. Her clothes and stuff still need to be sorted. Need to tie up all the loose strings over the next few weekends *takes deep breath*
Evidently I’m getting a bit kancheong/nervous/excited about this. Need to calm down and avoid stressing myself out, especially after the last two days of hectic rushing at work (tomorrow might be another one of those days. haih)
What else?
– Belly feels a lot tighter. And bigger. And heavier
– Am finding it a bit harder to reach around & wipe/wash my ass
– Same goes for my legs but I still try
– Get breathless very easily and it’s hard to breathe especially when I lie flat on my back (which I do sometimes cos my hips get sore from lying on one side for too long)
– Emma has days when she prefers me sleeping on one side. If I turn to the other, she’ll thump/kick continuously. Felt her hard kick on my rib the other night
– I can hear my left knee click whenever I get up from a squat :s
– Pelvic pains (these really hurt until I can barely move) is getting more common. Not sure when it occurs but I guess it’s usually when I’m tired or haven’t been sitting properly
– Emma responds/moves when I touch or run my finger around my belly 😀
– I feel bad for not reading, singing or talking to her enough
– And I feel guilty for not reading more of my baby books. What if there’s something I should know but didn’t read until it’s too late (see again, I got kancheong *takes deep breath*)
Tired, need to lie down now. Legs itching like crazy from the bites I got at the park last weekend (probably sand flies) and am getting right now from “invisible” mozzies. Annoying -_-
But good news (in a way), I’m going to take time off from work to prepare for baby by early Jan, which is about 2 weeks from now. Yay! Unpaid leave but it’s ok

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