29 weeks

We went for a 3D scan today. Found out about this scan which only costs RM100 (check out

KasihKuSayangKu if you’re interested) so we I decided to go for it, being the kiasu one that I am ;p

I can’t believe she’s grown from this,
To this precious bub,

Here she is opening her eyes for a bit to see what’s the fuss about because early on, her face was blocked by the placenta and then her little hands, which prompted the sonographer to poke my belly to try to get her to move a bit
And here she is smiling šŸ˜€

She now weighs 1.6kg, which I’m told is actually slightly heavy for her age (that’s how much a 31 week old foetus should weigh) and that got me kinda worried although it’s just a 1-2 week difference. Shall have to control my sugar cravings from now on and work out more.
There are videos too, perhaps I’ll upload them later šŸ˜‰

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