27 weeks

*edited 18 Oct 2011*

With my fast-growing belly comes a few inconveniences that I’m sure are normal but still kinda annoying/surprising. I constantly need to remind myself not to move too fast or bend over at the waist. Now it’s a bit more difficult cos the belly feels quite heavy sometimes (especially when I have a full bladder), which in turn makes the following harder to do:

  • Shaving/soaping/wiping/putting lotion on my legs.
  • And putting on pants.
  • Same goes for trying to trim down under (I don’t wax). Have resorted to asking Pete to do it for me. Believe me, it’s not as sexy as it sounds.
  • Sex has become a bit more challenging and less frequent *sad face* (I’m sorry la if this post is becoming a bit TMI. I need to record all this :p).
  • Lifting heavy things or squatting in a tight space. I can squat, no problem but need more leg room.
  • Sleeping properly and comfortably. I’ve kinda gotten used to sleeping on my side but my hips get sore from it sometimes and I need to lie on my back to relief it. Was trying to prop myself up with pillows yesterday night so I’m in a semi-sitting position but that didn’t really help. Plus, my nose is perpetually blocked, even more so when I lie on my sides. So already I’m breathless, now I can only breath in through one nostril. Frustration + disturbed sleep (for Pete too).

Sometimes, I’d forget how big my belly is and accidentally knock into things or not giving it enough space when opening doors. Kinda funny really :p

And oh, we went to our doctor appointment last Thursday, didn’t get a scan but we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. The whole time the doppler was on my belly, the baby kicked 3 solid times, like in protest. So cute, made me laughed.

By the way, weight gained so far = 9.2kgs 😥


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