22 weeks

Technically it’s 21 weeks 5 days but who’s being anal here right. Went to the gynae today for my monthly check up and finally, after 2 long months, we got to see our baby (it’s Pete’s first time actually) 😀

As the doc moved the ultrasound “dongle” around, Pete was commenting how amazing it was that we can see everything. The baby’s lying horizontally – head on my right and feet on the left, which explains the thuds and pressure I sometimes feel. She didn’t move much, just a few kicks/punches, which can be seen onscreen.

And yes, if you missed the subtle hint, we’re having a girl!! I can imagine her being a daddy’s girl already ;p

Doc: “Ah, I see the vulva.”
Me: Brain processing. Vulva means girl right? “So it’s a girl??”
Doc: Yes.
Pete: Oh it’s a girl?? (a bit slow)


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