21 weeks

This post and probably every subsequent post is going to be disjointed, no thanks to my laziness, lack of time and Twitter ;p

  • I’ve been feeling a few harder taps now and then for the past few days. They were quite frequent over the weekend then yesterday wasn’t so much. Just now, I felt a couple of pulses (hoping it’s not gas, lol), so I guess everything’s alright.
  • I’ve been napping a lot when I’m not working.
  • I think I should put on make up more often because, hey, it makes me feel good and I have a ton of products that I should really use before they expire.
  • When I lie down flat on my back, my uterus feels like the size of a pomelo. Not too big, not too small. Although when I stand, it can sometimes still look like a giant beer belly. I guess that’s why so many women touch their pregnant bellies, to signify that their pregnant (besides it being a protective instinct)
  • I’ve gained 5kgs so far (extra 2kgs in the past month)
  • I’ve been really gassy lately. Poor Pete ;p

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