I can’t wait!

A thought suddenly came to me after my walk this morning, “What if the baby is gone and there were no signs of it??”. I guess it’s due to the stories I read throughout the week on some women who went through a miscarriage. And the fact that we didn’t have a scan done last week. *I really should’ve been more assertive and demanded (nicely) to see my baby*

Anyways, stomach is still growing and I felt a little nauseous today so it should be fine.

To distract myself, I’ve decided to make a list of the things I can’t wait to share with the baby a.k.a. an excuse for me to indulge in my inner child without being seen as weird, whee! ;p

  • Toys – Barbies, plasticine, trampolines, bubble blowers, nerf guns, Singamajigs, Lego, cars, bikes…omg the list goes on!
  • Books – All those amazing pop-up books, fairy tales, Pooh, etc.
  • Shows – Sesame Street, Spongebob Squarepants, Disney, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Pooh and whatever cartoons that are on TV now. Oh, and the Sound of Music πŸ˜€
Updated 2 Sept:
  • I forgot about this but I can’t wait to bring the kid to Universal Studios, the Night Safari and Zoo in Singapore; Sunway Lagoon, and wherever else that having a kid gives you the excuse to go to πŸ˜‰



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