18 weeks

Actually, I’m not really sure if I’m at 17 or 18 weeks. Two websites’ calculator tells me I’m at 17 but when I calculated on my own (three times!), it’s 18. And my doc said the same thing so I guess I shall follow the latter. EDD is still the same though

  • The past 2 weeks or so has seen my belly grow tremendously. I guess it’s due to the additional amniotic fluids (and increased appetite).
  • Not much morning sickness anymore, only in the evenings even after I munched on a lot of stuff already. I can always predict when I’m going to be sick – when my tummy starts to feel gassy. ugh
  • I weighed myself recently on the office scale and it seems I’ve gained 3kgs (from my original weight).
  • I feel (a self-imposed) pressure to not gain too much weight. I know it’s not the healthiest mindset, especially when I should be gaining substantial weight for a healthy baby but I really want to try not to gain more than I need to. But it’s not to say I’m depriving myself or not giving in to cravings/snacking on junk sometimes ;p
  • I just started walking a bit more with the dog, after both the doctor and Pete admonished me for not getting off my ass for the past 3 months. Ok ler, I will now that I’m feeling better. I’m scared of not being fit or strong enough too :p
  • Have been reading a lot of online articles and forums on baby names, baby products and other pregnancy stuff. I’m still obsessed about reading about the baby’s development and will check in every week and imagine in my head what he/she must look like inside 😀
  • I’ve been having back and hip aches, especially when I sleep. Have been trying to sleep on my sides to get the pressure off my lower back but now my hips ache. Need to find the right combination of pillows and positioning for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Am still peeing in the middle of the night, sometimes it’s once every 2 hours after I started sleeping (max of 2-3 times) or only once 2-3 hours after I doze off and then 1-2 hours before I’m supposed to wake up. Disturbed sleep = vivid dreams
  • Speaking of pee-ing, I once pee-d 3 times in 15 minutes last week (forgot which day).
  • I’ve been trying to drink about 1.5 litres of water everyday (excluding juices and milk). Weekends are harder to do somehow. Need to get a 1.5l bottle for home so I can make myself drink that much.
  • Sex life has slowed down to once a week or so since I got preggers (sorry it’s TMI but I’ll want to read back on this time), which is not something I’m used to but sometimes, I’m just too tired or don’t feel like it (omg, I’m beginning to sound like a married-for-many-years aunty).
  • People ask if I’m craving for anything but I can’t really say. It changes every day. And it’s not always specific. I usually like soupy noodles, but some days I prefer rice when I feel I haven’t eaten that in some time or dry, black sauce noodles, which essentially is how I feel like even before I’m pregnant. I love potatoes, pasta and Chinese soups (always have). I feel my diet is still the same, just that it’s increased in quantity a bit this past couple of weeks.
  • I’m still quite worried about my mum taking care of the baby when I get back to work next year. Will she be able to cope because I know she’s the kind of person who gets flustered very easily? And with 3 dogs at home some more. And we might have to prepare for moving house by that time next year. So many things to consider, haih
  • My body’s changing so fast I need to get new stuff for it, like supporting bras and clothes. Need to shop, shall try to get cheap finds at Phuket :D:D:D
  • Tomorrow is a state holiday so maybe I shall go look shop a little first 😀
  • By the way, I think my boobs have grown 1 cup size bigger. wahlau, can’t imagine later on.
  • I shall enjoy being pregnant. It’s passing way too fast.


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