Men, psh -_-

So the long-awaited first anniversary celebration didn’t happen yesterday. When we got home, he told me he’s going to drink with his friends and bring Punk along to the park. Me, I was very upset inside but didn’t wanna show it cos his mum was around and I was still hoping, perhaps, perhaps after his short drinking session he will come back with something??

And some more he told me we’re going to be eating at home, something we do almost every fucking day! So I declined his invite to join him cos I can feel the tears welling up and went into the room to sulk and cry. Felt so sad, angry and stupid for even caring. Boys, I tell you!!

I watched TV and distracted myself a bit but the anger and sadness kept coming back intermittently. When he came back, he could see my face was red and asked if I drank. Told him no, I didn’t, I’m having a gastric, just go eat your dinner.

Ah, luckily he sensed that something is wrong. And I told him why but then I’m the type if I try to explain why I’m upset when I’m upset, I’ll start crying. I’m also the type who doesn’t really cry in front of someone (some pride, show weakness thing. I’m Aquarian ;p)

Decided to ignore him but I think the silent treatment only lasted 1.5 hours because I can feel my anger dissipating. FAIL! Why can’t I stay angry at someone for a bit longer? He tried to make me laugh, which is his way of saying sorry. I think we can all guess that he’s not the romantic, say sorry type. I accept that as long as he does something to atone for his mistakes (make me laugh, be extra nice/affectionate. Fuck la, I’m so simple to please. Maybe I should be more demanding ;p)

Admittedly, I’m still a bit upset although we’ve talked and laughed about it. I’ve said all I wanted to say and it’s up to him to digest & figure it out

Am I petty to feel like this? I asked why he didn’t bother doing anything cos he knows that I hold this first year anniversary very dearly (because it is my first with anyone). He said it’s not his thing, it’s usually the girls who would suggest doing something and I didn’t ask him to go celebrate with dinner yesterday.

My point of view: I don’t want to ask him to do something that he didn’t think of himself because then he’ll be doing it because I asked him to. So there’s no initiative, no sincerity. I made a scrapbook to commemorate the day, what did he do? NOTHING. The point is, as I’ve told him is that I don’t expect anything extravagant, extra special. I just want an acknowledgment from him that our anniversary, our relationship is special to him. And that he would do something out of the ordinary to celebrate that fact. Maybe a wish, kisses, video tag on on Facebook, a card, virtual gifts, marathon sex, a special movie, etc. anything! All I wanted was something special to celebrate the day we hooked up. I don’t expect dinner at a posh place, diamonds or anything, I just want him to think that it’s special and do something about it, all on his own accord. Is it too much to ask?

I shall be expecting something good tonight!!! ;p

*I guess I shan’t be expecting anything too romantic or extravagant in the future :(*

**I also guess that I’m more of a typical girl who remembers dates and events of special occasions, analyses a lot and reads between the lines while he’s more of the typical guy who doesn’t find the first point very important and practises selective hearing**


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