I began to doubt my sanity

Random story of the moment

I found a receipt at the back of my pocket just now and tried very hard to remember where is it from. It’s actually for a bottle of Absolut vodka, which I have no recollection of buying (cos I’ve never bought a bottle at a club before unless it’s shared with friends).

And the club’s name was Safari Club and I don’t remember ever going to a place like that. What more, it’s dated 20 October without any indication of which year it was and there’s a stamp there that says, “Euro Cup 2008, Austria-Switzerland”. It cannot be this receipt has been in my pocket since two years ago because I got this skirt from my Bangkok trip last year.

And here I was going crazy cracking my head how, where and why I have this receipt until I googled the names on the receipt. Then it hit me, last Wednesday, 20 October, Pete was in Genting and I remember him telling me he bought a bottle while clubbing there. yorrrr, and I thought I have some short term memory problem or something -_-


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