I was looking at some polls and one of the questions was – Hair colour, yes or no? And I was leaning towards no after looking at the photos provided. But then I suddenly snapped and thought, “Wtf, I used to love crazy coloured hair, like hot pink, bright blue, fiery red. What happened??”

Immediately I thought, is it cos I’m getting older. Yes, I guess I grew out of it. Sighs


I just got a call about the India trip. They’re flying me business class! OMFG. Dah la I thought it was very nice of them to put us up in the posh Taj Mahal Palace and now this. Really awesome =)

And to top it all off, I’m the only Malaysian media representative. More pressure not to fuck it all up. *Reminder to myself: Don’t get starstruck and don’t say Mehgee!*

And boy am I glad I got my vaccination jabs. They can claim it for me. =D

Ok, that’s the news for today. Sekian


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