Randoms again

  • I’m listening to some music while working on my article, which I’ve sort of abandoned now because of writer’s block/brain fart. Anyways, the trancy dancy songs are making me itching to partayyyy. Why don’t they have raves anymore (I’ve only been to Tiesto PD in 2008. sedeys)
  • I want/wish to hold a party in December after my office’s Christmas party cos we’ll be getting a huge bag of skincare/beauty products. So wanna share with kawans. But, we don’t really have the space/house to host something like that. Le sighhh. Perhaps we should hold it at 21 or a club somewhere? Hmmmm
  • I forgot. There’s one more thing I wanted to talk about. hahahahaha
  • Oh, I miss certain people whom I haven’t chatted to/met in a while 😦
  • Went to Suresh & Paul’s place in Janda Baik yesterday. What a nice, relaxing and hazy weekend. lol ;p
  • AND yes, I finally remember – I love guys who love dogs. My man included

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