I’m ok, just emo/pms-y

It just dawned on me that I don’t really have a home right now (I mean in PJ la). I’ve practically moved out of the condo and have to move the rest of my stuff out this week. Plus, housemate’s sister and bro-in-law are temporarily staying in my room.

What about Pete’s you say? I have to honestly say, I love him and all and his mum is generally fine but if not for him, I wouldn’t stay there. I just don’t feel it’s home. I don’t feel totally at ease there, especially when it’s only me and his mum.

I know I’m being selfish and unreasonable when I feel upset/down whenever he goes out to meet the boys. And a part of me wish that I can meet up with my friends every week (schedules don’t permit and I don’t like to ask people out at the last minute). And oh how I wish he’d tell me his plans earlier so I can arrange and make my own. But of course, sometimes we can’t help this kind of things – last minutes plans, etc

Not that he goes out every day or even every other day. I don’t know how to broach this without sounding like I’m putting pressure on him to buy a house of our own. Dah la I’m not at the point where I can contribute much if/when we get one.


I’m going to Mumbai, India for a press trip. woohoo! And I’ll be staying at the Taj Mahal Palace, which sounds really posh. Hope there’s wifi there. Pray that there won’t be any bombings/riots/etc when I’m there

The best part is…wait for it…………………I’m going to meet and interview Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard!!! omfg, so excited can die

Yes, I know. I can see why I have one of the best jobs in the world ;p


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