watching Frasier reruns on a Friday night

Cos i’m tired and just wanna stay home

And it’s good also to layan sendiri, do my own thing. I think nowadays I’ve been thinking that we need more space for each other – it’s that good? I have a feeling he feels the same too. We see each other every day for about 6 months dy (me making his house my unofficial abode; am still paying for my room at the condo for storage. Not for long though, heh)

But when I’m alone at home and drinking beer (it is Friday night after all), I sometimes can’t help but to go to her blog & read some stuff. I guess I’m just kepochi and want to read bout how they were (and especially how he was/is/will turn out to be)

I know, I know, I should discover these things myself, but I’m curious. And I’m bored. And I guess I have this sort of “self destructive” tendency. mien, maybe I like to think and torture myself too much. bah!

Anyways, it is funny looking at Pete’s pix when he was younger. He looks like such a young boy! LOL

It’s amazing how 10 months fly by so fast, when you’re having fun and in love. hahahaha

Ok, I shall zip mulut 😉


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