Have a few thoughts that I wanna get off my chest. Tried getting Tumblr (even signed up & everything) but in the time for the page to load (which was very slow), I realised I can do the same here. I can post short-ish entries whenever I think of something/wanna say something. Kan?

  • I’ve officially moved to postpaid after, what, 8-9 years? Got a supplementary line under Pete. Stupidly though, it never occurred to me that on top of the monthly RM30 payments, I’d need to pay for all the calls/smses throughout that month :/ But it’s ok, I can start calling more and 5 sen per sms can’t be that expensive, kan? It’s kinda the same amount I pay every month for my prepaid
  • Is there something about being in relationship and the sudden desire to be a chef? Not that I hated cooking before this but I’m too lazy (still am). But recently, I’ve been looking at recipes and getting this urge to cook & bake in a nice yellow-walled kitchen with white cabinets and all the appliances I need (like an oven!). Or maybe, I’m kiasu and want to be as good a cook as the ex. meh
  • Why do I have so many unpublished drafts in my blog??
  • I bought a nice skip rope yesterday at RSH but can’t/don’t know how to shorten it -_-
  • I had a lot of fun yesterday night at Movida, Sunway Giza. Buy 1 free 1 beer (Guinness draught, Tiger, Heineken, etc) and cocktails (long island tea). R&B music after 11pm, when it sort of becomes a club. Me drinking both my long island teas and getting tipsy enough to dance around when most of everyone isn’t (boring geezers ;p). Then going over to Waikiki Too at TTDI to enjoy the band, Acoustic Fourplay (I just googled & found out, it’s four & not fore. hahaha). The singer was so good, the band played so well. And ok, I was gushing over the singer cos his voice was soooo good and he looked hot in his long hair & skinny jeans. nyahaha. Pete’s friend, knowing of my fangirl-ness, got him over and introduced us, telling him that I find him hot and a good singer. His name is Kumar btw. So embarrasskings (Pete was laughing beside me ;p). It’s ok right, that I have a lil crush on the lead singer in a live band? Not that I wanna fuck him, I just find him hot (it’s mostly the voice & singing). heehee
  • I neglected to say in the point above that I almost fell asleep & tumbled off my stool twice yesterday! At Movida and then Waikiki. And it wasn’t cos i was bored. I was tipsy, and whenever I drink, my nose get blocked. And I cant breathe properly. And just sitting there doesnt help. Once I got up and moved around, I felt better πŸ˜‰
  • I like it when it’s just the two of us hanging out and we talk. We talk freely about anything & I’m emboldened by the drinks to ask stuff that’s been on my mind. But it’s good and nice πŸ™‚
  • I can’t believe it’s been more than 9 months dy. Still seems kinda surreal although I think the comfortableness is kicking in and we’re so used to each other dy. I still wish we can have a place of our own soon.
  • Speaking of which, I dont know how or if I should even broach this subject. I dont wanna seem to be putting pressure on him. But I also want him to know (or maybe he knows already although I cant really assume) what I want and how I feel (e.g. about feeling like a boarder and not having my own space or freedom to do anything I like cos of course, this isn’t my house). Still learning the ropes in this thing called relationships
  • I feel like as if I keep finding stuff to fret about and wanting to resolve/clarify in our relationship. I don’t know, I think I have to express and talk more. Is this normal or am I somehow self-destructing? *chi kei loh lei farn*
  • I wanna try bungee jumping at Sunway Lagoon! And miniature golfing (which I heard is in Klang). And archery, go-karting, etc etc etc

I wonder why I even contemplated getting Tumblr. I talk/type to much. hahahaha. Although sometimes, I’d have so many random thoughts that can’t be said within 140 characters only or on Facebook. whatevs


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