Honk honk!

Had another driving lesson yesterday night where I think I stressed both of us out. Oh wait, Punk even. lol

I was apologising and saying that I don’t wanna do it anymore; he was patient yet strict, teaching me again and again how to change the gears & accelerate smoothly. Yes, this has always been my problem plus it doesnt help that I always forget which gear I’m in o_O

I think all of our blood pressure naik sikit but in the end it was ok. One of the things I love about Pete is that he’s straight with me, he never coddles/spoils me especially during the driving lesson, cos obviously I have a lot to learn. I hope I’m improving ;p

We brought the Punk to a neighbourhood park to run; hid behind a tree to see if he’ll find us and I found myself on the swing once again. It’s so nice (although it gives me a bit of motion sickness. FAIL) to be swinging in the air & feel the breeze. And yes, the punk did ran around looking for us, even ran past us not noticing that we’re just standing there. Aww, he’s such a cutie (not when he’s overly hyper & starts to act aggressively -.-)

No energy. Woke up to watch the match yesterday AND to kill some fucking mozzies that were bothering our slumber.



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