Indian weddings are so much more fun!

There were dances, singing and drum performances. AND, many of us went to the dance floor at the end to dance to old school songs. So Mambo Jambo. hahaha. I was quite off my rocker after drinking so much white wine then some wisky and red wine but didnt really danced much.

One of the few short dresses among a sea of beautiful saris

While we were hanging out outside after a yummy dinner, this Chinese guy suddenly came over and spoke to us as we were kinda the only Chinese there. He then proceeded to challenge us to drink, although we hardly knew him and he even tried to sell his services. Saying that he can fix my tooth (ok), make my jaw smaller (-_-), eliminate my smile lines (wtf!) and some other dermatologist/cosmetic surgery stuff. Kinda obnoxious/hard sell of him now that I think about it but yesterday i was so layaning, as usual la when I drink. And oh, he claims that he can do the double eyelid procedure for only RM900. That’s way cheaper than what i’ve heard. Makes me suspicious

Held Adrian’s baby, Abigail for a while, she was so cute! Too bad didnt take any pictures with her, cos I think I did a good job. She didnt get restless or anything ;p

I dont know if it’s cos we were at a wedding, Pete & I started to talk about our own; he asked what kind of wedding I’d like (well for one, I’d like it to be as fun and full of dancing as this one). We also talked about having kids, what should we name them and the proposal. Mien, the things you say when high on alco at a wedding, lol. But I’m glad we had the discussion, makes things clearer šŸ™‚

Wish had taken more pictures but nah, not with this camera phone. I so wanna get an Olympus Pen *salivates*

I look like I have high cheekbones & sharp jaw. woot!


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