Half my toof is gone :(

I busted a front tooth yesterday, while walking out of Ecoba in search of the bf, fresh air and toilet (i know, my brain wasn’t functioning well). I only had 2 mugs of beer and I didnt feel so good. I think it’s my hormones, am pms-ing

I didnt see Pete, so I decided to go to the toilet, was feeling damn dizzy dy. As I walked, i notice there were chairs by the stairwell on the right, so i headed there instead. I was so keen on sitting down that i didnt realise that a glass window/door was blocking my way. Walked right into it and my tongue instinctively touched my tooth. Fucking hell, I broke a tooth & bit my lips! Half of it was in my hand, was so shocked. And I didnt think the impact was that hard. boohoo

So now I looked like I have a third fang. Sighs. I couldnt wait, kept thinking must see a dentist to see how to fix it pronto & pray that it wouldnt cost a bomb. And so after much calling, fretting and consulting friends, I got a last minute appointment today at a dentist in TTDI

Here’s how my tooth looks like now (man, I’m so macho now. Maybe I should tell people that I got into a fight and not stupidly walked into a glass door)



Another embarrassing albeit good incident was during dinner, before we went out yesterday night.

I don’t why he suddenly brought it up, it must have been on his mind since I decided to have the “talk” (partly as a joke & ok, partly to see how he would react) last weekend. The talk wasnt much cos i didnt know how to go about it & i got shy. hahahaha

So, while we were eating yesterday:

He: “Eh tell my mum that you want to get married la.”
Me: “Why the hell for?”
He: “It’ll make very happy” (while smiling broadly or evilly, I’m not sure)
Me: “Dowan!”
He: (in Canto) “Ma, Emeline wants to get married”
She: “Good. Faster get married, not young anymore” (in a matter-of-fact way)
Me: Blushing giler and distracted myself by looking at the dog

Later I asked what’s the point of the said exercise, he said “saje”. Hmmm. Well, he has put himself in a spot. Let’s see if there’ll be some action. nyahahahahaahahaha

omg, did i just sound like i’m one of those girls who are very extremely keen on marrying (“han ka”)? dammit!

*ok, I hope this doesnt jinx it* ;p


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Peanutxz
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 08:19:41

    im' watching underworld. sexy lycans and what not. thinking mebbe we shud throw a party liddat soon. for ur hen's nite perhaps? ROFL!!!


  2. Emeline Yook Hwa
    Jun 14, 2010 @ 03:12:44

    i think maybe my birthday is more realistic & nearer? hahahahahahaa…but ooh vampires, me likes šŸ˜‰


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