I should blog more

Because I enjoy reading my past posts, remembering and laughing about them.

Ok so now, what should I write about. I’m down to the last two episodes of Glee Season 1. I think it’s ok, the performances are great, storyline can be a bit choppy and hasty, I think. But I like some of the characters, though I feel that Kurt isn’t used so much towards the end dy. Still, I enjoy it. Wonder how long this’ll last

By the way, wonder when Weeds, True Blood and United States of Tara going to come back??


I shall write it down even though it’ll embarrass me and is cheesy. It’s for memory sake.

It’s been four months since we met (which was on 7 Nov 2009). It’s funny how things happen and time flies. I still have that fear/insecurity but I guess everyone does right? Though I try to not let it manifest and become a self fulfilling prophecy.

And so far so good. I still remember our first date, though I wasnt aware that it was one at that time until I noticed halfway through the movie, Law Abiding Citizen, that he had bought us couple seats. Awww ;p

I quite miss date nights. I think I shall suggest to set some dates more often

Ok, I dont know what else to write now without being further embarrassed. Besides,I feel peckish and sleepy

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….oh wait, it’s Glee time!


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