Lessons 2

I’m beginning to understand why some women articles always complain about men watching football & playing video games. I used to think that because I love football & video games, I’d join him and not feel left out. Boy, was I wrong! I no longer have interest in BPL (formerly known as EPL. I only invest time in teams that interest me). Video games I can, if it can be played by two (You should see us both joining forces in Jason & The Argonauts. Geeks unite!) ;p Dah la guys can’t multitask & can only focus on one thing at a time, bored girlfriend will be left either playing with the computer or watching DVDs or watching yet another Everton game. (Exception: the Aston Villa vs Reading FA Cup match yesterday night was quite good cos they were constantly creating chances)

But I think it’s absolutely fine cos I can’t expect him to teman & layan me 24/7 (I think I’d be resentful too if I’m made to do that). Just as long as he balances it out a bit la (and I know he does make effort). I mean, I know I’m there practically 24/7. This is maybe a good time for me to continue reading The Kite Runner.

Nevertheless, come World Cup, I think I’ll be glued to the TV but it also depends on the time and if I have the energy. I’m no longer willing to sacrifice sleep for football & it’s not a do-or-die thing. Gawd, I’m seriously growing up! :s


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