I learned one thing yesterday night when we were at Syd & David’s house party –

Thou shalt never gamble with your boyfriend when he also happens to be the banker.

Hahaha. Okies, it never occurred to me that i shouldn’t cos i thought i’ll share the winnings i got with him anyway. Still learning ;p

On another note, I’m going to Bangkok again at the end of March!! omg, imagine all the shopping i can do again! *ok, i shall vow to try not to go overboard. AGAIN!*

Know why i can’t go overboard?

It’s cos im going to Tioman right after that!! (Although B said he’ll pay for me too. HEE). I think i only have 1 day to work after coming back from Bangkok then it’s off to island paradise for some R&R (& alco of course. lol). Pete’s friends are going to dive; I think shall rendam, tan & maybe snorkel a bit (provided the bf doesnt try to drown me. AGAIN! ;p)

& damn, Pete read my blog just now (& he may be reading this too later. hahaha) and he read the stuff i wrote when we first met *malus*

K, I’m going to try to do some work now… or better yet, maybe i should watch Lovely Bones first. heeheehee


I kept forgetting to upload these pictures taken during Pete’s birthday dinner. I must say, Sugimoto rocks! I dont remember if I’ve went there before a few years ago for my birthday. Anyhows, the sashimi was heavenly!


And here’s my latest nephew. I’ve got so many that I can’t keep track off; some are even parents dy too, which makes me a grand aunt. GAH!

I’m so sorry, I forgot the baby’s name. I know he’s 5 months old & damn huge for his age. & they told me i was like this when i was a baby, then when i re-look at my baby pictures with Pete, i was much smaller ok! Ok, maybe not “much” but significantly ;p

He’s a cutie though, smiles so easily. awwww


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Nicholas
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 03:36:48

    Sugimoto Rocks! We got there alot. 😀


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