i laps u all long time!!

was reading through some of my old friendster testiomials, made me laugh & miss u guys & those times so much *& feel kinda old grown up ;p*


Janice03/07/2004 2:00 am
hey loh! i simply cannot understand y
ppl say u r soft spoken all the
time….still remember ur sis n i used
to laugh over that…guess u can give
dat impression to ppl, which is
misleading…anyway, loh is another of
my sei tong, my bestest and permanent
sei tong…she has obsessive compulsive
disorder when it comes to lotr and lp,
orlando bloom and chester…actually we
cannot stand her mou chi siu lui-ness
but wat to do? we just have to bear wf
it hehehe…was dragged to lp concert
simply because she loves them,although
i enjoyed it 😛 seriously, loh, thanks
for being there whenever i need u, i
will always cherish u for being who u
r, for not being judgemental and so
supportive all this while…thanks
girl…love u


Pei Xzan08/14/2004 2:16 am
WHOO HOO!!! sorry lar…so long only
write ur testimonial.
kkk…must wait for my ilham first wan
mar…RITE! known her for approximately
3 months. she’s a gurl with no anger.
or maybe i’ve not seen but then she
doesn’t seem to be boiled over
anything. she’s complained…cursed a
little…but that’s it!!! this is crazy
you know. she has really good dressing
sense. all branded clothes, SHOES
(vincci fan), topshop…blah blah
blah…and she loves huge earrings!
don’t know how she can manage them on.
she’s freakingly smart. skips lectures,
especially morning ones but then her
test marks would appear to be one of
the highest!!! she knows about
everything!!!!! ask her about any state
or country…she’ll know. walking map
and a very very nice lady. thanx for
being my fren!!!!!


Tammy08/22/2005 8:13 pm
All abouts BaconHwa :
1.u is going to hates me for callings u that(refer above)
2.u is the cutenesstest..u is always lets me teasing u and not gets mad
3.u is goodness and patience…helps me wifs assignment,dont scolding me even when i is stupid when do assignment,but i is knows in ur heart u is wanting to killing me!
4.u is loving me alot…it is obviousness.i is loving u many many also!
5.u is laziness…u is always sleeping and always want to sleeping
6.u is going to kills me for writing this testimonial because my’s english is the terroristest!more terrorist than yours one!haha!
6.baconhwa are going to bangkok(or wherever place which requires a passport) wifs me when holidays


Janice02/05/2007 10:44 pm
Selamat hari jadi, moga moga you muda selalu and bahagia. Jangan minum alkohol banyak sangat, haram and tak baik untuk kesihatan. Lagipun you allergic. Oh, satu lagi pesanan sempena hari jadi ke-23 you, jangan liar sangat, dan harap harap you tahu memandu kereta soon. Jaga diri baik baik.


Tammy01/14/2007 11:56 pm
i know your deepest darkest secret!
heh heh heh!
alcohol is bad bad bad…now your beloved roommate knows your li’l secret..!!!
you should’ve just drank coke and remain sober,like me =)


Janice04/28/2007 12:49 am
you is an alcoholic and crazy biatch hahaha…enough said



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈
    Feb 05, 2010 @ 18:15:04

    'thanks for being my fren'.



  2. Y C L O C O
    Mar 03, 2010 @ 14:19:25

    PX : or the phrase – 'thanks for adding me'. LOL


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