A beginning of greater things to come (I hope) ;)

Clarice (or was it Janice?) asked me just now, “How’s your new year, new job & new bf?” I think they’re going great so far, though i dont want to jinx things. And to answer Janice fave question whenever I’ve just started seeing someone, I guess we are steady now & I’m contented πŸ™‚

There may be doubts (minor ones & not all on my part) but I trust my instincts. So far so good & I think he’s superb. Though I do feel kinda bad (or maybe i just dont want to appear WL4) for not seeing my housemates & bed much this past few weeks, but I somehow can’t bring myself to be away from him for long. Ok, this sounds like an addiction or habit & kinda lame, lol

Anyhows, corniness aside, I’m quite enjoying myself. There may be some things that he says that make me nervous (in both good & bad ways), but it’s ok πŸ˜‰

And I might be stressed over work sometimes, but I do get to write stuff I’m satisfied with.

I’m not sure what i’m writing about now, feel kinda sleepy. Let me see if i managed to take any nice/clear pix during NY’s Eve…

…Ok, not really nice ones but these’ll do here. Actually have some videos but have yet to screen through them.


We were at Eugene’s penthouse in Seputeh which overlooks the city & PJ & dunno where else (Genting perhaps). Sorry la they’re blur, my camera phone aint that great, especially in the dark. couldnt’ capture the fireworks properly at all. lol

Another pix from Heineken’s event at Zouk in Dec 09


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