feeling quite, dont know what’s the word, not kancheong but dont-know-what-to-expect for tomorrow. hope everything goes well; that i dont embarrass myself & appear dumb/standoffish/socially-awkward. hehehe

hope everything goes well with everything that’s been going now too. trying not to think so much about it, dont wanna jinx it :s

& oh, went drinking & a couple events last week. got pix but they’re quite boring (cos they were only of the two of us) & i’m shy & no time now. so, next time la. actuarry, am gonna post it on fb too anyhows, when i got time. lol

headache, am transferring songs into my pendrive so will have my music tomorrow.

*ok Em, be more sociable, jangan jadi social awkward* :s

& omg, been drinking & eating so much & not going to the gym this past week – gonna die i tell you. but surprisingly when i weighed myself yday, i lost some weight. maybe i was dehydrated or the machine rosak? lol *i cannot lose this battle!* ;p


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