Kop Khun Ka BKK

for all the pretty stuff I got! (though I think I went overboard & not everything I got was dirt cheap) =)

Had a hard time remembering & pronouncing thank you in Thai, but oh well, I think they understood me most of the time 😉

Thought the hotels’ staff were so nice & hospitable (though I think it’s cos we’re tourists). Im sure Msian hotel staffs are friendly & nice to foreigners. bluek

& the cabs. They ran on metre & it wasnt as cutthroat expensive as here. Though we did get kinda conned on the 1st day while trying to get to Platinum Mall in Praturnam. watevs. now we know better


Camwhoring everywhere!

brekkie at McD

managed smiles before dozing off again. hehe

we’ve arrived!! Sawadeeka

Thais sure have a fascination with pink. i saw pink cabs, helmets, & i think satellite dishes. i like these brightly coloured cabs!

our replacement hotel room for the day (the original hotel we booked, the Key Bangkok didnt have a room ready until 4pm so they arranged to have us moved in for the night at its sister hotel, the Royal President, which was 3 blocks away). it was splendid! service, room, etc. They have a pool but too bad we didnt have time to go take a dip

spoils from the 1st day 😉

was trying on my new leggings & seeing how they really look on me. mirrors can lie ok ;p
*ok, have to work harder on cardio*
i simply wrapped that shawl around for fun. hahaha. suke

that orange juice was seriously yums! brand was Smile, me thinks (aiya, didnt take a pix of the bottle)

The Key Bangkok, cosy, just like a boutique hotel should be. (though I preferred the Royal President’s room cos it’s bigger but I think it’s also cos of “1st time love”. hahaha). But the Key is in a very strategic location

going to the infamous, Jatujak@Chatuchak Weekend Market. woohoo!
still looking fresh. hahaha

the only pix of us at JTJ. was too damn blindingly hot & bright

wearing my new dress from JTJ. wasnt cheap (forgot price, think i bargained till 450 baht) but suke 😉

on the way to Suan Lum Night Bazaar

i half-liked that blue dress. should’ve tried it. not sure how it’d have looked. but oh well, enough dresses already! hahaahah

brekkie at nearby stall on the last day

walking down the streets of Sukhumvit, BKK one last time

wearing my new Smurfs tee. ngek ngek ngek

i heart Pocky & porky-flavoured chips!

stylish shot from behind (ok, outfit & bags not so stylish ;p)

waiting to check-in

then epic fail. cbb. hahahaahah

flying off into the sunset

i absolutely heart this sweater/jacket. such a great find! rm20 only at JTJ 😉

suke my star & owl earrings!

suke the maxi’s print.

BKK total loot count (for me):
1 maxi dress
4 dresses/long tops
2 tops/tees
1 shorts
2 jeans
2 denim skirts
2 bags
2 shawls
3 leggings
1 bikini
6 earrings
2 rings
1 toiletry bag
1 sweater/jacket
2 sunglasses

no shoes though. sad 😦

edited Tues, 12.21pm

I forgot to mention that I came back with only 9kg in checked-in baggage! woohoo. ok, I overestimated myself. luckily didnt pay extra to upsize the baggage.

and and, blady hell I was so disappointed that I couldnt get alcohol at the duty free shop. only just a few hours more & I would have met the 72-hour requirement. sighs. the 42 Below was so cheap, rm68. booohooooo


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